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My cousin out at Shores! Was awesome out there @jonnysnow16 !

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Let it be

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pumping today

Thumbnails for my multipage comics

I’ve been trying to improve the way my comics appear on my own website. Some of the multipage comics I’ve made also include thumbnails. The problem? It’s not possible to visually see that these are multiple page comics.

The solution was to create thumbnails which represent the multipage nature of the comics. To that end I wrote some code to do just that.

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“But everything looks perfect from far away”

Dave McKean’s RVI

One of the panels I attended this past year at SDCC was focused on Dave McKean. I went mostly because Kelly is a huge fan of him and Neil Gaiman’s work. But I’ve appreciated his work for a long whole.

One of the things he referred to was keeping tv on in the background:


What’s RVI to Dave McKean? “random visual input”

He described it as a trick to his mind, as a jumping off point for creativity. It’s a way to keep moving forward.

It reminded me of something I read from an interview with director James Cameron decades ago. Apparently he would keep MTV music videos on in the background when writing or editing.

I do the same thing, I like to consume creative works at sort of random.

Things said to me as Kingpin at San Diego Comic-Con 2023

Cosplaying as Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, is one of my favorites. In part it’s because it gets more response from people on the job – people working at the Convention Center. Often people of color. But I also get misidentified in interesting ways too! Here are a few quotes said to me this year.

You look sharp!

Mr. Freeze!

Lex Luthor

That diamond though!


I feel like it was in this speech by Bruce Sterling where I was first exposed to the notion that it was the digital thing that was the more real thing. Reality is digital and the actual stuff Is secondary. As to the outside world being scary and intimidating, yes. But at times like that I ask WWMMD? And Mad Max would travel the wasteland, getting in adventures, eating lizards, and toppling tyrants. Because who the hell else is going to do it?

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Oceanside Harbor this morning was pretty fun.

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