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  • Rebecca Sugar: Steven Universe

    I had to thank my friend Brianna for introducing me to Steven Universe several years ago. And here’s a great interview/conversation with Rebecca Sugar about the difficulty of producing shows which strive to tell stories we’ve not heard in new ways. Steven Universe is an amazing show that manages to produce a unique science-fictional fantasy…

  • RIP Richard Williams

    Richard Williams has died. He is one of the people who has inspired me over the years. I have done rudimentary animation as part of my web work over the years. Some of that work was featured in a book on Macromedia Flash 2 a long time ago. I can’t claim the title of animator…

  • Pogo for Monday

    A sweet little remix for your Monday morning. Pogo’s “SquareBob SpongeMix”:

  • Watch this: about code, creativity, creation, and principle.

    Astonishing, mindblowing, and suspiciously self-evident once you see it. Brilliant. Bret Victor – Inventing on Principle from CUSEC on Vimeo. Follow Jeff Victor on Twitter.

  • Star Wars: Uncut

    Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut. Star Wars ’77. Chunked into 15 second segments. Segments claimed by filmmakers, amatuers, animators, goofballs, and then the segments are reassembled into Star Wars. Certain people will find this beautiful, wonderful, incredible. I expect some people won’t be able to watch more than about 6 minutes. I watched the whole…

  • Funky Monk

    Funky Monk, from Small Fry, a wonderful short that played before The Muppets, which Leah and I saw a while back.

  • screenshot
    Paul M Bowers

    In this post from 8 years ago, I mention Paul M Bowers, a photographer that was around the corner from us at AVENCOM in San Diego. He took many of our photos. I thought I’d check out his site,, and see how it had changed. I’m actually sort of delighted that it is the…

  • Badly Drawn Roy

    I enjoyed this: via Cartoon Brew

  • Sharing; this one time…

    In keeping with the “all I’m going to do is post videos indefinitely” theme that seems to be occuring, here are two of my favorites, they’re really phenomenal, which were posted on Cartoon Brew: Sharing from kris anka on Vimeo. This one time… from nelson boles on Vimeo.