welcome! i'm joe and i am a software engineer and lately i make comics.

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  • posts recovered.
    Last night I was giddy with happiness to find my missing posts (all 8 of them) on I had all but given up on ever finding these old files. If I recall, the features of Audioblogger were provided free to users of Blogger. I am quite sentimental about the posts from December 2004,…

  • Let’s Look Back At The Audio Posts For the Last Week and a Half
    The Test Post 12/21/2004 09:21:06 AM Counting The Bugs with Tony 12/21/2004 04:36:42 PM Before Vegas 12/21/2004 08:25:02 PM We Have The License 12/21/2004 10:17:50 PM Giddy & Married 12/21/2004 10:53:45 PM Why Aren’t We Back (Vegas Edition) 12/29/2004 02:24:10 PM

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