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  • Roanoke Users Groups

    I’ve spent some time yesterday compiling a list of users groups here in Roanoke, Virginia. I’ve placed that at When we first arrived here in late November I was quite happy to have found the Roanoke .NET Users Group, though the fact that I’m not particularly a Microsoft developer is a hindrance to my…

  • Whitney Brothers; Processing, Jbum

    At BarCampLA, Jim Bumgardner was inspirational for many things. One small thing was for pointing out these two films: “Lapis,” a short film by James Whitney: “Catalog,” a short film by John Whitney, 1961 Over on Coverpop, Bumgardner shows off work inspired by John Whitney: Whitney Music Box which is beautiful and hypnotic and surprisingly…

  • Stating Where It’s At

    Note: I wrote this in a text editor around October 2nd, nearly three weeks ago. I’m posting with only minor edits to what was in the text file. My latest contract is going very well technically, I’m enjoying using SilverStripe as well as jQuery day in and day out. It’s a pleasure to write OO PHP….

  • BarCampLA6 is where I’m at.

    This is where I am. See and for current photos.

  • Bar Camp LA 4 Rocked (Post Retrieved from Drafts)

    Nine months ago I went to BarCampLA4. Now it’s July and I find myself wondering why I never posted this draft. I guess it got superceded by this post. I brought in ice and some grape soda and 7-up. Also, Nilla Wafers! I didn’t go the first day, but came the second, Sunday. It was…

  • BarCampLA5, including YUI 101 Presentation Slides

    I had a great time this weekend at BarCampLA5 ( It was a great event, despite some apparent venue hiccups and dramas behind the scenes, plus delays due to traffic from the LA Marathon on Sunday. It went really well, held at the AOL facility in Beverly Hills. Kudos to the planners, particularly Jason Cosper…

  • BarcampLA #5: I am going.

    See here, here, here and here.

  • Bar Camp LA 4 was Cool

    I had a great time at BarCamp LA. I missed Saturday but I went Sunday, I brought 60 pounds of ice, I brought 7-up, I brought grape soda, I saw and participated in presentations, I met people (few new, some old), I took photos, I twittered, other people took photos, I ate pizza, I went…

  • BarCamp LA Blog

    BarCamp LA has a posse blog. Awesome. Main page. I missed the meeting last night. I’m just wiped out this week. But I intend to go to the camp.

  • BarCamp Los Angeles Geek Dinner

    Leah, Devon and I went to BarCamp / BarCampLA-Geek2 last night. It was pretty great. Social and nerdy, and good food at Mao’s Kitchen. Dev was too young to make it into The Brig, but he was mixing it up at Mao’s. Good group of people, and we’ll be returning to such events in the…