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  • In 200 years someone will wonder what the heck AIM was.

    In 2003 I blogged this to AOL Journals: I once had a fellow student give me this aphorism which i really like: the more competencies you have, the more deviancies you are allowed. blogging via im makes it easy to blog and not get really distracted into writing something good. the downside is that it…

  • Blogger FTP Migration Tool: Does not account for your images

    Blogger has done work to create a migration tool for Blogger FTP users and is doing great communication. You can move to a blogspot blog, (which you could do before) or change from self-hosting to being hosted by Blogger/Google by changing the DNS to point at Google’s servers. This is similar to how tumblr handles…

  • Migrating an old Blogger blog to WordPress

    I’m an expert now at migrating old Blogger Blogs. Google, the owner of Blogger, has decided to shut off FTP posting, which has left many people stranded. They could have improved their algorithms, instead, things are shut off. I am now a reluctant expert at migrating Blogger blogs to WordPress. If you have a more…

  • AOL Journals Closes, Encourages Migration to

    Dear AOL Journals user, As we wrote in an e-mail on Sept. 30, AOL® Journals will permanently shut down on Oct. 31. It’s never an easy decision to shut down a feature, especially one like AOL Journals that some of our members have used for a long time. But with a decline in Journals usage,…

  • Old Blogger Archive PHP Code

    I’m doing some blog housecleaning this morning. Here’s the code I used to use to display an archive list of blogger entries: Pretty straightforward, it grabs a list of files with the right name pattern, then prints a pretty display of the previous listings. Now that we’re on WordPress, it’s not necessary. I blog it…

  • Here goes WordPress

    I’m about to import hundreds of entries from my old blogger file into WordPress. Wish me luck.

  • Hola Mundo: Posting By Email

    Blogger has redesigned. Does this work?

  • Blogger Pro no longer for-pay

    I guess the revenue model is textads. Blogger Pro features to get rolled into free product, refunds going to go to Blogger Pro users. I’m glad I’ve stuck with Blogger.

  • Being referred to now…

    Being referred to now. Scary. Mitch is talking with erudition. Nice. Lester now. He’s rad. Being asked about coming ‘out.’ Big questions. It’s evolving. Doing some updates in emacs. Dirk looking over my shoulder as I update. Cool. bak from the break. Lots of personal questions. (squirm). But it was cool. Dirk asks good questions….

  • Testing. Testing. 1.2.3.

    Going to try and blog this live.