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  • Charles Schulz

    (I started this post in 2007 and left it as a draft, I think because I found the subject matter too maudlin). In 2006, in the post Joe Cool, I wrote: I find Charles Schulz to be a tragic figure though. Based on the interviews I read, he never fulfilled the ambitions of his life….

  • Joe Cool

    I don’t really feel very cool today, but I caught a few minutes of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special last night, and, well, here he is. Or is that me? I loved Snoopy when I was a kid. Viz: Snoopy the Red Baron, 1975 My grandmother made clothes for my Snoopy. As a matter of…

  • Third Best Comic Book Store Ever

    While I was visiting Washington D.C. last week, my sister and I wandered around Georgetown a bit. In so doing one of the places we went was a place my sister had never been — Big Planet Comics. Now, I’ve lived all over. And I’ve been to a lot of comic book stores. My compliment…