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  • Prototyping at the Advanced Manufacturing Expo 2019

    From February 7 this year: Very fun rough prototyping exercise at #AdvMfgExpo with @design_concepts & other attendees including @starblade68 ! Very fun #UX #industrialdesign #sketchnotes

  • I had a shake…

    My good, good friend Chris reminded me in email today of the incident in about 1986 or 87 where we had gotten E-Z-OUT burger and were parked in the Clairemont DMV parking lot. It was late at night, I’m not sure how late. But SDPD came by and basically detained us… Chris’s memory is: (Officer:…

  • This weekend

    Spending it with my Godson Zac, his dad my brilliant friend Chris, and Chris’ daughter Diana. There may be drawing and development. Think of it as a family BarCamp. Zac asked me which Star Wars character is my favorite, and I replied with this drawing, though he Zac did say the colors of the bandolier…

  • Batmobile by Chris Greazel

    Absolutely WONDERFUL Batmobile design by Chris Greazel over on our New City Blog.

  • Reagan in a concept car.

    President Ronald Reagan (born February 6, 1911) driving the GM Citation IV concept in 1984. via New City, a blog my friend Chris and I co-curate.

  • Vertical Capital Letters

    After High School, I flailed. Which is to say I took classes at Mesa College without much of a focus. I enjoyed these classes. Drawing, History of Film, Psychology, Design, Architectural Drafting, Philosophy, Marketing, Broadcasting, Broadcast Studio Operations. This was in 1987-1988 — before we moved to Roanoke Virginia and I shifted my focus to…

  • nuevaciudad-tumblr-com

    Since September 2009 I, and my friend CPG have been posting photos and videos to New City: It’s been a great chance for me to try out Tumblr. I think it’s a great, focused tool. It’s blogging for people who are not interested in the blogosphere. It’s great for sharing images, and it can…

  • Chris and Pensacola

    (I explain the title of this entry at the end of the post–in case you were wondering) Yesterday I drove to Union Station to see my friend Chris Greazel. Chris I’ve known for over 20 years, ever since he was the artist and I was sort of the cartoonist at my high school. He’s still…

  • After Action Report: SIGGRAPH, Petersen Auto Museum, Chris, Canter’s

    Last night I went to the SIGGRAPH LA event at Petersen Auto Museum. It was a terrific event and there was much inspiration and food for thought. I met my friend Chris Greazel there. It’s always great to see Chris. Apparently a touch screen “minority report” type interface for visualizing accessories has increased sales of…

  • Greazel is Back

    My friend Chris Greazel, artist, illustrator, paint-job inventor, visual futurist, now has a space on the web again. Happy to help him put even a small sliver of his output on the web.

  • Chris!

    My buddy Chris Greazel is part of a newish venture called Antares Paint, and I’m so proud of the man. He’s seriously talented.

  • Phrase of the day:

    “Japanese Inbetweeners” [ This phrase was developed by Chris Greazel ]