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  • Comic-Con@HOME

    From SDCC: We sincerely hope you enjoyed Comic-Con@Home this past weekend on the previously scheduled dates of Comic-Con 2020 (July 22-26). And for those of you who took part, thanks for making it such a great success: As of Sunday evening, YouTube, the platform which hosted the majority of our programs, had received over 2.5…

  • Kelly and I in a GIF

    You can see Kelly and I in this. It’s kind of cool. For the San Diego Comic-Con Museum newsletter this past week.

  • Comic-Con Museum

    I’ve been going to San Diego Comic-Con a long time. I love that the San Diego Comic-Con Museum seems to have enthusiasm at a grassroots level: Dear Joe, All of us at Comic-Con Museum are overwhelmed by the support we received on Giving Tuesday. Thanks to you and many others we managed to raise $20,912…

  • Comic-Con 2013

    I went to Comic-Con this year! It was great. Things I did: Things I wanted to do but couldn’t. GOOD LORD. I started this as a draft and NEVER wrote about my experiences at Comic-Con 2013. PLUSWHICH I didn’t write about my experiences at 2014 Comic-Con. Will I write about my 2015 Comic-Con experiences? Only…

  • Latest Scribbling, Comic-Con Tweets

    Mostly from Comic-Con, which I went to this past weekend and had a great fun at. The huge blister on my foot is now healed! This one’s from last week, doodling in a meeting: And after the cut, some selected tweets by me or related to me from Comic-Con. This is in lieu of actually…

  • Shocker Toys Responds to ArtLung Dismissal

    Back on July 27th I made a comment about Shockinis, to whit: Shocker Toys: Shockinis appears to be the copycat of another toy — Stikfas — generic toys you can customize into any kind of figure you want. Geoff Beckett, from ShockerToys, responded via my feeback form just a few days later (yes, people use…

  • Joe as Star Wars Toy

    At the Con the Star Wars people had a booth where you could pretend to be an action figure. For those of you wondering what I would look like as a Star Wars toy, wonder no more.

  • Comic Con Photos

    Comic Con 2004 photos (Friday edition) are up: ArtLung Photos :: Comic Con 2004