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  • “Archival Magic” seminar.

    This morning I attended a presentation Dustin Renwick about “Archival Magic” via the FieldTrips effort by Creative Mornings. I like the idea of using archival public domain resources as part of creative endeavors. I appreciate that he’s turned a good deal of research into a handy list to find treasures of the past that can…

  • Watch this: about code, creativity, creation, and principle.

    Astonishing, mindblowing, and suspiciously self-evident once you see it. Brilliant. Bret Victor – Inventing on Principle from CUSEC on Vimeo. Follow Jeff Victor on Twitter.

  • pinguino duct tape dress
    Pinguino made a duct tape dress

    Designer, cartoonist, cool person Pinguino made a dress out of duct tape. That is awesome. More photos.

  • creativity is... (on google)
    creativity is… (according to google)

    This is a reply to @leahpeah‘s tweet: Could you please fill in the last part of the sentence? Creativity is…..?: Here’s what other people are thinking as of today, says google:

  • Puzzles without Pictures

    I’ve just spent the last two hours playing with Legos. It’s been several years since I got them out. I’m a 31 year old man and I had a terrific time just playing. I’m not sure whether Legos are like composing in Photoshop or that composing in Photoshop is like Legos. I get the same…