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  • The Bot Collection

    When I started this post, back in January, the intent was for it to be a comprehensive discourse on toy robots. I was starting to collect them and thought I could sum it up succinctly. So much for brevity, it’s meandering. Bear with me. Here’s the collection from then. My fascination with robots probably began…

  • Malcolm McLaren is dead.

    Most famous for being a rock empresario. For the Sex Pistols. For Punk theory. For Bow Wow Wow. Dead at age 64. He could be a lot of fun. Here’s Buffalo Gals, 1983: I don’t remember this video, or the nudity, but the song sounds like the 1980s to me. I always liked the song….

  • Pre-Gaga Gaga.

    The first time I heard of Lady Gaga it was from Krisztianna. At the time I thought her fandom of Miss Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was delusional or maybe even ironic. As it turns out, Lady Gaga actually has quite a lot going on for her. She’s worked hard, and for many years to create…

  • TPM Barnett on social networking technology

    It’s about the people and relationships first, technology second: I think one of the reasons why such connecting technologies get underappreciated or underused is that we manage to cast the whole process as some revolutionary new mode of behavior, when it’s not. The same interpersonal skills apply, it’s merely the scope and speed that changes….

  • A Movie About Chatroulette

    I have not used it. This movie encapsulates why Chatroulette is cool, and also why I probably won’t ever use it. Waxy pointed to this video first, I think. Danah Boyd writes about what is extraordinary about the Chatroulette. There are a few curse words in the video.

  • Omar & Brother Mouzone

    Two of the more vivid characters from The Wire, Omar and Brother Mouzone, which Leah, my father and I have watched over the past month with great zeal. It’s worth re-watching start-to-finish.

  • James Ellroy

    Source: Salon Interview: James Ellroy, 1996: Well, I write in a cultural vacuum, so I don’t understand what’s out there in the culture too much. You don’t watch TV? I watch boxing on TV and I listen to classical music. I talk with my wife a lot and exercise. Culture to me is just shit…

  • Web Anthropology, particularly YouTube

    Anthropologist Dr. Michael Wesch talks about Digital Ethnography. He puts YouTube in perspective and reminds me I love it despite the fact that one needs a tool like Comment Snob sometimes to appreciate it.

  • Latest Thomas Barnett Lecture

    Always enjoyable, and wonderful to see and hear how the brief has evolved. via his excellent blog, and the post The Latest and Greatest Brief

  • Poor Communications Skills

    …about coffee. via vintage ads

  • Get Lamp

    via Jason Scott. visit GET LAMP for more information.

  • Even More David Simon

    via UBM. and previously.

  • David Mamet on politics and reevaluating positions

    Nice essay in the Village Voice: village voice > news > David Mamet: Why I Am No Longer a ‘Brain-Dead Liberal’ by David Mamet The Constitution, written by men with some experience of actual government, assumes that the chief executive will work to be king, the Parliament will scheme to sell off the silverware, and…

  • Rub Our Noses In It (Steven King on the Media)

    From Q&A: Talking with Stephen King in Time Magazine. Do you actually think Britney and Lindsay should be on our cover? Yeah, I do. Sort of a, ‘This is what the media’s actually interested it, so let’s just put it out there’ thing? I think there ought to be some serious discussion by smart people,…

  • Misc Never Knows

    I’m up relatively early this morning. I can hear rain outside the window of the office. Leah acquired some of the lovely All Natural Cola by Whole Foods and I’m having one of those. I feel a tickle in my nose and I think I might be getting a cold. That’s not optimal. I have…

  • Oh Snap! Cory Doctorow went OFF on Gizmodo!

    …on BoingBoing: Ebook column that gets it all wrong