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  • Geek Activism?

    Via John: GeekPAC — GeekPAC is an organization created for the specific purpose of Lobbying Directly to Influence Elections and the passage of legislation that fits the goals of our organization. We are a “PRO” Information Technology, “PRO” Freedom of Information, “PRO” Equal Access, “PRO” Freedom of Innovation and “PRO” Free Enterprise organization. In essence…

  • Quotes of the Moment

    The point is, stop killing people  – Mitch Wagner If you don’t speak up and let yourself be heard, you lose the power to shape the debate  – Oliver Willis Mike says, “the equivocation and silence of the non war bloggers is deafening.” I fail to see equivocation in standing foursquare against killing. But I do agree…

  • MacOS X from a Linux and OSS Perspective

    MacOS X from a Linux and OSS Perspective There’s a great article on LinuxJournal site about MacOSX. It’s by Doc Searls and Brent Simmons.