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  • Quote of the Day: Jason Zweig

    What A Bear Market Might Teach Us is well worth reading. So I know what it means to scrimp and save, to do more with less, even to do without. The most important lesson that I learned, I believe, is that money is not wealth. Benjamin Graham once wrote that the secret to happiness is…

  • $3.999 per Gallon

    I might have paid four bucks per gallon before, but last night was the first time I recognized it as such. This was in Calabasas on my way home. Still mildly sick. I was thinking of going swimming this morning, but I still have some phlegm. I thought about swimming last night but it’s still…

  • Barnett and Kunstler on Obama’s Impolitic Words

    Two iconoclastic thinkers who I think would usually disagree (Barnett is an optimist/realist; Kunstler is nearly apocalypticist) are in complete agreement! This is a nice surprise. James Kunstler (foul language, sorry): Barack Obama caught hell last week for daring to tell the truth about the ragged thing that the American spirit has become. He said…

  • The Mind of the Market

    Fascinating video about market, social, evolutionary, genetic economics. Heck, it’s about everything. Talk at Google: via Paul Kedrosky: Michael Shermer on the Mind of the Market

  • Maxed Out

    When Dave Ramsey shows up in the first 10 minutes of a documentary about credit in the USA, that’s a good sign for the documentary. Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit and the Era of Predatory Lenders. Well reviewed on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • I like the phrase…

    Economic Democracy: Towards a Democratic Economic System and Media — I intend to read this.