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  • An important message from John Stumpf, Wells Fargo CEO
    In today’s mailbag: To our valued customers, You may have seen news recently that some Wells Fargo customers received products and services that they did not want or need. Every day we strive to get things right. In this instance we did not – and that is simply not acceptable. So we are making it…
  • Predicting the meltdown
    Peter Schiff ends up prophetic, while everyone on the shows in this video treats him as a Cassandra. via Open Culture and Paul Kedrosky.
  • Sickly Joe; Ubuntu; Finances; April Wrap-Up
    Yesterday I went swimming early, which was great. I was tired after about 15 minutes, but pressed on to do a full 30 minutes. I actually noticed myself getting tired the night before at about 20 minutes, but went 45. One of the things about exercising (ugh! I despise that word!) is that I’m more…