welcome! i'm joe and i am a software engineer and lately i make comics.

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  • Hate Driven Development
    Quote of the day, via rc3: I’ve used the term a few times, and now it’s time to officially coin it: Hate Driven Development. It’s when you come to hate working on something so much that it inspires a surge of productivity that leads to completion. Most projects that involve this methodology include a procrastination…
  • Mastering the Art of Combat!
    I find Nobody Scores! inscrutable, which is often good, and sometims the flashes of brilliance crack me up!
  • Seen and listened to
    Seen on my way to work today On back of a horse carrier: CAUTION SHOW HORSES Why the need to say “show” about the horses. Am I less likely to be cautious for regular horses? Messily spraypainted on a sign on an overpass: Ron Paul – The Next Thomas Jefferson” Listened to on my way…
  • Because, you know, the Silver Age
    Sentence of the day, from Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog: Romance Special: The Time-Travel Heartbreak of Lois Lane. Anyway, Lois makes the connection that a device designed to stop planets from exploding might be useful in keeping the planet Krypton from exploding, so she gets a copy of the plans and grabs a time machine, a process…

  • Sinfest Comic from 28 Dec 2008
    I really liked this Sinfest comic, turning Buddha into the little drummer boy, drumming a Japanese style Taiko drum. I keep re-reading it and figured I should post a link:

  • Lego Penrose Triangle (via B3ta)
    I want this kit! source: b3ta board What’s a Penrose Triangle?

  • Steampunk Exoskeleton
    (Actually, it appears to be a hundred (give or take a few decades) year-old diving suit. Via rcs)
  • “Them Bats is Smart, They Use Radar”
    So I bought a video encoder, pretty nice one, and this is my first capture. I need to tweak settings, and it would probably help if everything I wanted to capture was not 19 year old videotapes that have been stored in garages with poor climate control. Hah! Enjoy.

  • Rocketry is the key to receiving The Holy Spirit?
    I love this album cover, found via LP Cover Lover: i wonder where that places Wernher von Braun or Goddard?

  • Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!
    Last night I saw this tweet: suebob: @QueenofSpain Is it “Here, here” or “Hear hear”? I really don’t know and have always wondered. I knew right off. One of my favorite things about having visited the Supreme Court was hearing that every session of the Court starts with this preamble: Oyez, Oyez, Oyez! All persons…

  • Untitled, Really
    There’s something archetypal about this image I really like. It may be that it triggers me to think of the term “flimsy skirt” — which makes me think of this post: Shoe PhotoShop — which used to get a fair number of referrers for that phrase. Of course, that was six years ago. I might…

  • This is sometimes how I feel
    Awesome but awkward. via

    Genius from The Weasel King. References They Live.