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  • Donald has a Brewski
    And engages in wacky shenanigans, no doubt: via Cover Browser‘s Daily Cover Feed.
  • Latest Items That Made Me Laugh
    Mack Reed penned The Fastest Spider in Los Angeles, which charmed me and made me laugh. PCL Linkdump posted a link to a Simplicity Hammer Pants. Giggled at that one. File under “funny ’cause it’s true” — Sassy‘s Tips for New Dads. Also: Matthew Baldwin‘s Thought Crimes and Re: Cephalopod are both hilarious. Neil Kramer…

  • General Zod Never Fails
    …to add levity to my busy days. Learning lots, doing lots. Love that Zod!
  • Oh, the incredible miscellany of it all; Who I’m reading these days
    Yesterday I saw the new Indiana Jones movie with Jukebox JT and his wife, and the seeing and the talking after was fun, but the movie is not, uh, good. But I don’t want to talk about that. I’ve got a backlog of stuff to mention. Ready? Go! I used to work with Electromute, I…

  • Rachel Ray, Terrorist.
    My latest favorite blogger is Nick Mamatas, writer. He writes as Nihilistic Kid. He writes about some stupid dust up about Rachel Ray and Palestine. I tend to avoid political blogs, but it turns out Michelle Malkin is a dope. Nick is funny. I remember him from a long time ago when Kynn did a…

  • Tennis Pong
    Really wonderful silliness via B3ta: And now, live from Wimbledon, the interactive Pong championships 2008 Busy today. Lots happening. Behind on some side stuff, but the day job has to come first. Also, got to hit the pool at lunchtime. Promise to catch up soon!

  • Gmail Bozo Tag
    I subscribe to several mailing lists. A beelion years ago we used to call these things “listservs” — basically it’s an email address that is an alias for a whole group of people, and when you send mail to it, everyone on the list gets a copy. WebSanDiego was my mailing list for a long…

  • Hilarious Outrage
    Tony Pierce pointed to some writing in his post our biggest story on la times blogs about how “right wing” bloggers were in a tizzy about this ad: I read a few, just a few, and chuckled. We in California live in former Mexican territory. And this ad plays on some of the history with…
  • Something from The Onion
    9/11 Conspiracy Theories ‘Ridiculous,’ Al Qaeda Says
  • Raccoon Hound!
    I have met Chuck. He belongs to Dooce and Blurb and Leta. He is awesome. Here’s how awesome he is. The photos are particularly awesome.

  • Dog in a Sack
    You know, people have made fun of this invention, some even have derided it as cruel. However, I can see some dogs I have known kind having fun. Maybe only for short trips, I admit. And I’m certainly sympathetic to the fact that dogs can wreak havoc inside a car, as a distraction, making trouble….

  • “Banana Hell”
    The completely appropriate title on this post from over in Vintage Ads is “Banana Hell.” Enjoy.
  • Recruiter Fail
    Todays’ Email: Dear Laurel,Just wanted to ping you on a few great companies in the LA area looking for PHP talent. Let me describe the positions briefly, and I’ll include links to more detailed information on my website. If you’re interested, you can email your most current resume to [REDACTED] and we’ll see if we…
  • “Don’t Just Watch Television Tonight, Play It!”
    An old TV commercial for Atari featuring Carol Channing and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Those graphics were once amazing.
  • “Stop Bending the Shafts!!!”
    Tom Hanks and David Letterman.
  • Deleted
    Actual comment spam content left on one of the blogs I manage: Please, do not delete the given message. Money obtained from spam will go to the help hungry to children ugand+ Won’t anyone please think of the children?