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  • Massive Sqwertz Custom Layer
    Interview with Brett Jackson, creator of Massive Sqwertz

    Brett Jackson is a designer who’s been working the web since 1997. He left his cushy gig as Art Director for Google in New York to move to Switzerland with his wife. He has recently relocated again to Los Angeles where he freelances Flash and graphic design. In April 2010, Brett began working on a…

  • Flawed But Authentic

    Several years ago my amazing wife Leah put together a blog called Flawed But Authentic and populated it with wonderful writers. It had a very nice heyday, but then, it stopped. It was a really cool idea though, and it made me sad to see a cool idea grow moribund and die. So, I’ve fixed…

  • Brian Eno, always interesting

    You can read selected quotes below or simply click through to: On gospel, Abba and the death of the record: an audience with Brian Eno: On the intensity of ideas: “If you grow up in a very strong religion like Catholicism you certainly cultivate in yourself a certain taste for the intensity of ideas. You…

  • Drop Everything for this Stew Interview

    Interview with Stew Hilarious and insightful, as he often is: Here’s a quote! What did you know about theater or Broadway before you developed this show? Very little. I had a lot of respect for people like Bertolt Brecht. I had read Brecht, and he touches a lot of rock performers more than any other…

  • Thanks For The Plugs!

    From camworld and clint l ( and meryl and of course the lemur.