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  • Misc and Max

    Some strangeness afoot. Police apparently came in the house while I was in the tub and looked around looking for some dude (Ryan Reynolds?). They didn’t bug me. Also, my Windows 2003 and my iTunes and my old 1GB iPod Shuffle are not playing well. Jerks. Yuck! I tried the iPod Reset Utility, I tried…

  • Most Succinct Post on the iPod Mini : The iPod Mini: “$249 seems like too much money to pay for the iPod Mini.”

  • : triumph of the will

    From Q: Apple only released their battery replacement service because of all the bad publicity from iPod’s Dirty Secret. A: While often claimed, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Apple released the battery replacement program November 14. was only registered on November 20, and started being heavily publicized on November 21. Additionally,…