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  • Hawai’i and Memories

    Well, this is a bit better. Since I last typed, I jumped off a 40 foot lava rock a few times, swam with 3 honest-to-goodness sea turtles, had some bagels and lox, flew from Maui to Hawai’i (the locals write it out that way. Hawaiian is not a written language, it’s about the sound, and…

  • Pranzo con Kynn a Filippi’s

    Today was unremarkable save that I had an enjoyable lunch with Kynn at local Pizza joint Filippis’s Pizza Grotto. There is no electronic substitute for good company, conversation, and food. There are not many people on the planet who I can keep up with and can keep up with me while: eating antipasto and pizza;…

  • Mini Brain Dump!

    Mini Brain Dump! wherein, I get rid of links which are crowding the sticky notes on my desktop A Few Links on Professionalism: Tom DeMarco: Professional Awareness in Software Engineering American Society of Safety Engineers: Scope of a Safety Professional Steve McConnell: Software Engineering Professionalism Website Philip Greenspun: Redefining Professionalism for Software Engineers A Few…

  • Other old stuff from Google Groups:

    Other old stuff from Google Groups: * The first time I heard of Jakob Nielsen (1997) * My first internet posted resumé (1997)

  • July, 1997

    July, 1997, when I first heard of Jakob Nielsen. Probably when I started to smarten up about the web.