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  • Do you know what Lynx is?
    Lynx is a text-based web browser, first released in 1992! In my mind there is no better window to what search engines see of your websites than running them in Lynx. Now the web is full of images and video and stunning in-page interactivity, but it’s really a text delivery system. On the left of…
  • import-external-images 500 error with Ajax
    I had a pile of back-images to import recently. For some reason WordPress Import External Images” was failing to work properly on the bulk task. It worked great on individual pages but for some reason the Ajax version would crap out. Solution was to use a simple POST – accomplished by doing this in Chrome…

  • Who doesn’t love code?
    Longtime blogger and longtime pal MAS mentioned me over in Make and Host Your Own Soundboard yesterday. I am glad to have contributed to more software. I dig being able to give to code that people use, even if it’s for no money. I love even more that the whole thing is up on GitHub….

  • AngularJS on jsfiddle.
    It’s pretty astonishingly easy to play with AngularJS with jsfiddle. Last night I went to the North County AngularJS Discussion Group / sandiegojs group at WalmartLabs here in San Diego. Smallish but impressive space.

  • ArtLung Rosetta: comparative anatomy for JavaScript Libraries
    Back in 2010 I mentioned presenting on ArtLung Rosetta. Well, the thing I wanted to do back then, I have finally done, and that’s add AJAX examples for all the libraries. So, for example, here’s loading a chunk of HTML into a certain div from a link click in the different libraries: dojo dojo.connect(dojo.byId('ajaxloadHtml'), 'onclick',…

  • Robin, Batman & Douglas Crockford
    From my commute viewing list. Crockford on JavaScript. Always enjoyable.

  • Random Affirmation
    Small project that, on click, loads new affirmations. A photo from Leah, some jQuery with AJAX, and voila. I like it. If anyone has suggestions for a “random thing of the day” type thing, please let me know. The JavaScript I code to attach the behavior is: $.ajax( {type: "POST" , url: "generate-affirmation.php" , beforeSend:…
  • screenshot
    Paul M Bowers
    In this post from 8 years ago, I mention Paul M Bowers, a photographer that was around the corner from us at AVENCOM in San Diego. He took many of our photos. I thought I’d check out his site,, and see how it had changed. I’m actually sort of delighted that it is the…
  • NC JavaScript & jQuery Camp
    I had a lot of fun at Durham’s “NC JavaScript & jQuery Camp” today. Lots of driving, but even more learning and connection-making. I was particularly happy to create my first <canvas> drawing from watching @miketaylr‘s slides on HTML5. Here’s the source: <html> <head> <script> window.onload = function() { var ctx = document.querySelector('#c').getContext('2d'); ctx.lineWidth =…

  • jQuery Southwest Virginia
    I have no presumptions about how many folks in Southwest Virginia are JavaScript programmers and jQuery fans, but given the nice interface jQuery has given for meetups (they are using ning under the hood), I thought I’d set up a meetup for Roanoke / Blacksburg / New River Valley folks who program in JavaScript. If…

  • Snowed yesterday
    A lot. It caused the event I was going to go to: NC jQuery Camp, to get postponed till later in February. I’m still looking forward to a North Carolina adventure in coding. So we were snowed in Saturday, except for some preliminary snow shoveling I did. Today, Sunday started at 5am and I went…
  • JavaScript Geekery: John Resig
    If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’ll mention it now, I have done some with with jQuery. It’s impressive stuff. I quite enjoyed watching this talk by jQuery creator John Resig: JavaScript Talk at Northeastern. Perhaps you will too.
  • Misc Cavalcade!
    Yesterday I managed to write a post that was not: a single photo with a caption; a list of links; a random snippet of lyrics; a few words begging you off until I could really blog. Today, I have some links, but there are very many, and I hope to provide some context for each….
  • Play Misc-y for Me
    I’ve been reading and listening to lots about animation, and one of the more fun things has been Spline Cast, a podcast about 3-D animation. My favorite podcast right now is Dave Ramsey’s 1 hour version of his show. Don’t bother with the 3-hour version, it’s not really free. My previous favorite podcast is Harry…
  • Destructured Assignment in Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript
    Stupid code tricks in Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript
  • Loading TinyMCE on the fly
    Let’s say you have a textarea that is called into a page dynamically, say with an AJAX loaded chunk of HTML with a textarea in it. If you want that textarea to have TinyMCE applied to it, you need to call a script. This was a fun one to think through and debug, and it…
  • JavaScript trim() function
    it’s hokey, but it’s a nice basis for some other things. why didn’t i go looking for this last night when i was slamming my head against stupid code? ugh. function trim(str) { while(”+str.charAt(0)==’ ‘) { str=str.substring(1,str.length); } while(”+str.charAt(str.length-1)==’ ‘) { str=str.substring(0,str.length-1); } return str; }