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  • Jennifer Simpson’s Pozole Recipe

    Jan 27, 2010: better late than never! I have a vegan version of the soup– but the recipe is not perfected. Here goes anyway. Maybe you can experiment with it. Ingredients for the soup: a block of firm tofu, onion (chopped), a couple of carrots (chopped), garlic (1 or two cloves chopped) 2 cans of…

  • Jennifer Simpson, Rest In Peace

    (originally posted to Facebook on December 14, 2020): Reckoning with and making sense of loss was Jennifer Simpson’s topic of choice. I read remembrances of her this morning on Facebook, not quite yet believing that it could be true that she has left the material world. In 2018 I started making short autobiographical comics and…

  • My Poetical Friend

    Jennifer Simpson is a cool friend. Some of her poetry is really awesome. I went with her to take part in the Full Moon Poets in September and it was great. She had many many poems, and some of them were quite moving and witty and good. I myself read a version of Two Ships….