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  • Website Design on These Days on KPBS. February 26, 2003.

    When a person wanted to go into business back in the old days they’d find a spot on Main Street and hang out a shingle. These days you need your shingle in cyberspace. Modern customers expect to find credible companies and organizations on the Web.

  • On The Radio.

    Yesterday I did something I’d planned to do for a long time, but never got around to: I posted a transcript of that time I got on the radio. It took me 15 years and is 9,050 words. I’ve had the recording since 2002. It was a fun moment. Before it happened, here’s what I…

  • Blogging! from The Lounge on KPBS. July 16, 2002.

    A transcript from my radio appearance on The Lounge on KPBS from July 2002. It’s all about blogging!

  • Some Quickies

    Strictly speaking I don’t have any time to write, have to get ready for work. But i want to write some things quick-like. The radio was really great. As opposed to the show on blogging, (see words)- there were only 2 guests instead of 3. This made more time my time. Also, there were many…

  • Radio, Radio.

    So yeah, I was on the radio again – for a full hour on Tom Fudge’s show These Days on local NPR affiliate KPBS. Also on the hot seat talking about web design and web sites was Pam Dixon. It all went quite well. But I must now do some real work. More later.

  • Blog Notes Dump

    I made some cursory notes for myself prior to the radio show. Here are the broad strokes of what I had on my mind. Of course, Only pieces of these were mentioned by me. Ah well, next time. Blogs: – age of web? – age of internet? – diary of a nobody – rss, amphetadesk…

  • Radio Appearance Posted!

    The radio show I was on back on the 16th has now been ripped to RealAudio and can now be listened to if you have RealAudio. Ready to listen? Okay, here is the KPBS show The Lounge from July 16, 2002. The posting done during the show is here. Comments or questions? Gimme a holler….

  • Radio Followup — Email | Phone | Web

    Got a bunch of little notes during and after the radio show last night. Let’s attempt to address them, shall we? Matt Haughey thought it was pretty cool, a high compliment considering he’s the Philosopher King of Metafilter (and a nice guy too). And about the question of whether I am the real me in…

  • Being referred to now…

    Being referred to now. Scary. Mitch is talking with erudition. Nice. Lester now. He’s rad. Being asked about coming ‘out.’ Big questions. It’s evolving. Doing some updates in emacs. Dirk looking over my shoulder as I update. Cool. bak from the break. Lots of personal questions. (squirm). But it was cool. Dirk asks good questions….

  • Dirk is doing pre-show banter…

    Dirk is doing pre-show banter. Here with Lester and with Mitch and with the host of The Lounge, Dirk. He’s doing the intro now.