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  • Audio Packrattitude

    As a teenager I taped lots of stuff off the radio and TV. Here are my latest encodes: Douglas Adams interviewed by Larry King, 1987 David Letterman interviewed by Howard Cosell

  • Larry King: Carvelle Story, Moppo Story

    Back in 2002 I ripped some audiotapes I had of two stories told by Larry King. I said: …some Larry King stories I had taped from his old Mutual radio show back in 1986 — The famed “Carvelle Story” and “Moppo Story” — very funny stuff I had been reluctant to post them out of…

  • Putting the Game Face On

    Today, or rather Sunday, was kinda rough. The emptiness of the apartment I think was working on me. Sundays can be so long. Having some loneliness is no help. But anyway, I’ve been setting up online banking, and I’ve been capturing old cassettes to aiff, then to mp3 – so I can play and make…