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  • Leah on “Black Sheep”

    It’s been some time since Leah wrote anything at length. Do yourself a favor and have a read of This One is for My Flock of Black Sheep (and Their Families), one of many good bits: There have always been outcasts because we as humans have always been in tribes. In order for tribes to…

  • Aniversary: 10th

    10 YEARS MARRIED TO Leah as of December 21st this year. Here’s what we sounded like a bit after we got married: Because of this, we know where we actually got married: The Stained Glass Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Then: Now: Hey, Onward.

  • “so many terrible songs”

    So Leah has been traveling quite a bit lately. She asked me yesterday if saw this photo Dooce ((*Dooce is what I call Heather Armstrong, I’m very nearly incapable of referring to her as anything different. Hey, there are people who call me “art” as in “artlung” so it’s not without precedent.)) when Leah visited…

  • Happy Birthday Leah!

    Happy Birthday Leah!!!

  • My Leah

    taken at the Moorpark / Agoura game last night; originally on Instagram

  • Leah.


  • Flowsheet

    Leah made this flowsheet. It was to help keep track of care for my Grandma in her final months. When did she eat? What were her vital signs? What medications did she take or not take? Leah did a really nice job with it. Leah is not a medical professional, but she’s the finest untrained,…

  • Leah.

    Yes, that is a terrific photo of you, Leah.

  • Bas and Me plus Grief

    A nice post by Leah. For quite a while, and maybe even now, all photos of me have the character of Grief in the room.

  • Leah’s Messenger/Laptop Bags

    Leahpeah has been making some really, really wonderful items in her etsy store.

  • 6 Years Married

    Today marks Leah’s and my six year anniversary. I am so thankful she is in my life. No marriage is “easy,” but some are rewarding partnerships filled with love and adventure. Thank you, Leah, for sharing our lives together.

  • Flawed But Authentic

    Several years ago my amazing wife Leah put together a blog called Flawed But Authentic and populated it with wonderful writers. It had a very nice heyday, but then, it stopped. It was a really cool idea though, and it made me sad to see a cool idea grow moribund and die. So, I’ve fixed…

  • Collaboration

    Back in January, Leah posted a scan of a thank you card we made together. That was really fun to make.

  • I bet you didn’t know Leahpeah had a podcast

    Started in 2007, two episodes so far. Here’s the raw RSS podcast feed, and here’s the iTunes Preview Page, and here’s the equivalent Zune page. I think the Leahpeah Podcast is due for a new episode. Tech background: I used mp3feed.php as the core of this podcast script. The Making a Podcast documentation from Apple…

  • “Fun” with Gallery 1.5.3, 1.5.10, 2, 3RC1; Leahpeah photos

    I mentioned moving Leah over to WordPress a few days ago, and that went well. I’ve been migrating over her prior content and deleting unused content a bit since then. In rooting through the site, I came across this: … which we put in place when there were folks deeplinking some larger images on her…