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  • “Fun” with Gallery 1.5.3, 1.5.10, 2, 3RC1; Leahpeah photos
    I mentioned moving Leah over to WordPress a few days ago, and that went well. I’ve been migrating over her prior content and deleting unused content a bit since then. In rooting through the site, I came across this: … which we put in place when there were folks deeplinking some larger images on her…
  • Misc about SXSW
    I am not at South by Southwest. Leah is. I went, myself, back in 2001. That’s 9 years ago. Austin was a great town and I had fun. These many years later what stands out is meeting the folks from evolt at Evoltageddon 2. That was fun–really fun actually — The Ginger Man was a…

  • Leahpeah: All WordPress now
    Leah asked me to implement a simple redesign she had cooked up. She was tired of the heavy and dense site she had, and I am responsible for turning her new design into a clean, purely WordPress driven site. It seems to work well so far. See Leahpeah: flawed but authentic. I moved a fair…
  • Leahpeah at mom 2.0 summit 2010, by chookooloonks!
    Leahpeah Photo by Chookooloonks
    Excellent photo of Leah by chookooloonks the beautiful faces of mom 2.0. It sounds like Leah had a good time at Mom 2.0 Summit
  • creativity is... (on google)
    creativity is… (according to google)
    This is a reply to @leahpeah‘s tweet: Could you please fill in the last part of the sentence? Creativity is…..?: Here’s what other people are thinking as of today, says google:
  • Leah’s camera est non mortuus
    Leah’s camera, a Canon 30D has been dead for two months, about which she’s been very sad. The error was “Err99” – a mysterious error message others have had with other Canon cameras. She had looked at some forums and tried some things but had no luck fixing. We’d talked about having to take it…
  • I Like The Way You Move
    Actually, I like the way Leah hustles to find us a place to move to. Same difference. We found a new place, slightly less money, again on this side of Moorpark, very much within target range of the kids, a very humane home. Leah found this one and did the legwork all by herself. I…

  • Leahpeah Stuff:
    seriously wonderful, handcrafted jewelry and hats. my wife has serious skills.

  • Leah Reads
    It’s awfully pretty here. In the distance that island is Molokai. She’s been a voracious reader for the past 2 weeks or so. Almost a book a day.
  • In Brief: Happily
    Last night at LA Flash: Chumby Fest! I had the incredible thing happen, I won a Chumby. It’s cute, and hackable. I will be adoring its cuteness and hacking its hackability when I get some time. Work is busy right now, and I’m enjoying it a great deal. It’s stretched my OO skills in PHP5,…
  • My Wife Met Juan Valdez
    Beat that, internet!
  • Swimmer’s Ear & Colombia
    So I’ve been swimming regularly and since I’ve not swum (is that right right conjugation?) this much since I was a teenager, I suppose it follows that I might come down with the Swimmer’s Ear that was a hallmark of my summers as a teen. I knew something was wrong Saturday as I was having…

  • Leah has an essay in this
    Picked it up today at lunch — Things I Learned About My Dad: Humorous and Heartfelt Essays. Edited by dooce. Congratulations Leah! Much more info and links to the other contributors over at Heather A’s blog.

  • Leah, Painting
    Leah has been doing some painting and it’s pretty great. Here’s a set of paintings that are for sale:

  • Older, Still. Random Long Rambling.
    “Mind the noose and fare thee well.” is in my earbuds this morning. Got a lot done so far this morning. Much yet more to do. TMBG Lyrics for the morning, from Older: You’re older than you’ve ever been and now you’re even older And now you’re even older And now you’re even older You’re…

  • Happy Anniversary, Leahpeah
    As of today, three years married for me and Mrs. Leahpeah. It’s been, and continues to be, a pleasure. I have a real partner and someone I learn from and who learns from me every day. What a gift from the Universe. All my love, Joe

  • Leah in Fray
    One of my earliest encounters with online storytelling was via Fray, I even saw a bit of a live “Fray Cafe” event at SXSW in 2001. I’m quite happy to see Fray relaunching as a virtual and paper magazine, and incredibly PROUD to have my wife as a contribute to the first issue!