welcome! i'm joe and i am a software engineer and lately i make comics.

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  • I don’t want to set the Misc on fire.
    Today is catch-up and do stuff day. First, enjoy some Sinfest! Also, know that the truly twisted (and rarely safe for work) online comic Perry Bible Fellowship has a book coming out soon, with the enigmatic title The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories: A Collection of The Comic Strips of The Perry Bible…
  • Morning’s Miscellany
    Zappa Documentary on YouTube, Pointed to by Kill Ugly Radio: 10 Zen Monkeys asks writers Is The Net Good For Writers? My favorite is Clay Shirky’s. My current musical obsessions: Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street, Foo Fighter’s Baker Street, Toy Doll’s Nellie the Elephant, Siouxsee & the Banshees Dear Prudence, Christine, and The Passenger, and most…

  • Site Maintenance; Leah 2002
    You may have noticed I’ve reverted the theme of this blog back to my prior black with zig-zag sidebars and away from the excellent free theme I had been using. In the end using someone else’s theme on my blog feels wrong to me. It’s not really showing my crufty personality and peculiar oddness in…
  • Blogging for Business Article in Ventura County Star Features Leah, Crawberts, and I
    Not a bad article. Requires free registration on the VenturaCountyStar website. Ventura County Star: Business: Business blogging is blooming That happened to Leah Peterson of Simi Valley, who posts interviews with other bloggers as a feature on her personal site. One of the bloggers, who has a lot of traffic on his site, linked to…

  • The Eyes of Leah and Joe
    Leah:   Me:   In October of 2002 Leah and I got photos taken of our irises from this really interesting cat we met at a web design meetup. I think it was a webdesign meetup, anyway. He had this crazy setup to take pictures of your eyes. The technique was digital. The fellow had…

  • Leah Peterson’s Latest Work
    Oooh. Leah painted last week and came out with two really wonderful paintings — in a style that combines some of her “trees” work — which she used to sell as individual prints — and some of her abstract, large canvasses. On Saturday she was interviewed for a documentary and enjoyed herself quite a bit….
  • Changes for LeahPeah Blog
    Leah is making a change in focus for her LeahPeah Blog. Now entitled “ask leahpeah,” and based on the fact that “readers ask the darndest things!”
  • Tree Salesman
    Read Leah’s Christmas Tree Salesman post. Totally true story.
  • Moving Continues.
    There is internet here. I’m stunned. I am incredibly achy though. Even more moving tomorrow. Everything I have is in boxes. My pal John helped out a lot today. Leah’s stuff is all here. Leah made pasta tonight. Even though much of what is here is in boxes, it feels homey. I love Leah. This…
  • Beachtime, Familytime
    So yesterday was a whirlwind of going to the beach at Coronado (bodysurfing!) and hanging out with my family. I’m very glad I took the first days of this week off — it gives me more time with my parents and sister. It’s a great week. My grandparents have a tetherball pole. Leah and I…

  • Sunset
    The other night Leah were several hundred miles away, but we did something together regardless. We decided to take a picture of the sunset. Here’s mine:
  • Rematch, Still Beaten
    So I got a rematch with Leah (she beat me 8-2 the other day) yesterday. She beat me 7 to 3 instead. Incidentally, few things are worse than the feeling of scoring on yourself in Air Hockey. I only did that once though.
  • Some Quickies
    Strictly speaking I don’t have any time to write, have to get ready for work. But i want to write some things quick-like. The radio was really great. As opposed to the show on blogging, (see words)- there were only 2 guests instead of 3. This made more time my time. Also, there were many…