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  • Love is a skill

    Stumbled on this quote which feels both right 100% but massively not believed in the world. “Love is a skill” Check this out: Alain De Botton — “Love isn’t just an emotion, it’s a skill.” from THE RAY D’ARCY SHOW Who is this Alain De Botton person? I think I dig. Oh, he’s got 0.8…

  • Love that Prof. Galloway.

    “Love received is comforting, love reciprocated is rewarding, and love given completely is eternal. You are immortal. Our role, our job as agents of the species, is to love someone unconditionally. It’s the secret sauce cementing the survival of homo sapiens. And to ensure we continue to enlist in this act, it’s also the most…

  • No On Proposition 8

    Fellow Californians, I believe this to be a sensible vote — please vote NO on Proposition 8. Thanks! And yes, as a matter of fact, I do have friends whose marriages would be affected by this. You can read more of the history in the wikipedia article same-sex marriage in California.

  • Religion

    Yesterday my girlfriend and I spoke at length on the subject of religion. I came to realizations about how I think and what I am about. I am not throwing any of this in any faces. This is what I feel, and what I believe for myself in how to live my life. She is…