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  • Moorpark High School Graduation Panorama

    Moorpark High School Graduation

  • Three From Moorpark

    I like these three shots of Moorpark, taken with my cellular telephone’s camera.

  • Ventura County Tech: Reskinned

    Simi Valley’s Border 7 provided a wonderful reskin of If you are in Ventura County and in web/tech/design/internet/mobile drop me a line — I’d love to meet you!

  • Moving

    It’s all about boxes. Moving today. Moving. Oi. I think we need it. To top it off, we’re waiting on 5 weeks worth of checks. I hate that. Wish us luck.

  • I Like The Way You Move

    Actually, I like the way Leah hustles to find us a place to move to. Same difference. We found a new place, slightly less money, again on this side of Moorpark, very much within target range of the kids, a very humane home. Leah found this one and did the legwork all by herself. I…

  • Moorpark Air is Bad Today

    I woke up with my throat dry and with an acrid feel in my nose. I can also feel, with a deep breath, some pain on inhalation. This is not good. It’ll do me good to get out and out of this air. I’m going to encourage Leah and our houseguests to get away from…

  • Smokey Sky above Moorpark

    Fires to the northwest, northeast, to the southeast. We get smoke, everything smells of smoke. No school closings tomorrow, says Moorpark Unified School District. It all reminds me of the fires in San Diego back in 2003.

  • Moorpark Packers Photos Page Needs Work

    Last night I uploaded a bunch of photos for a few different teams on the Moorpark Packers. I have to say though, before the month is out I want to improve the interface for viewing these photos, it’s hacked up from, like, years ago now, and needs some serious love to get it so that…