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  • latimes: Just Stew being Stew THEATER – Just Stew being Stew I *heart* Stew. I hope to see this show eventually.

  • Fat Tuesday, Gird Loins, Wabi-sabi

    Yo. So Mass today was good. The homily was about Grace. Grace as in that “hand of God,” possibly last seen inspiring Jules Winfield in Pulp Fiction. Or maybe dropping down and bopping me on the head to go to Mass on the morning after Leah announced that we should be separated. I was comforted….

  • Current iTunes Playlist: “Don’t”

    Don’t … Jewel Don’t Be Sad … Dwight Yoakam Don’t Believe The Hype … Public Enemy Don’t Break the Heart … Mono Puff Don’t Bring Me Down … Paul Shaffer Don’t Cha (featuring Busta Rhymes) [Radio Edit] … The Pussycat Dolls & Busta Rhymes Don’t Cha Stop … The Cars Don’t Change Your Plans ……

  • Steely Dan Dictionary

    I’ve really become attached to Steely Dan of late. And the site Steely Dan Dictionary has become a favorite, explicating such vagaries as “Black Cow” and “Muswellbrook” and “Cobalt Cigarettes” and “Kirschwasser” and “Mizar Five.” I just love that I can get all the Steely Dan lyrics I want from We’ll jog with show…

  • My Name Records

    My very own name record! From sometime in the 1970s on “My Name Records.” The story goes that my father had faith in me that I could run a little turntable even though I was like 3 or 4 years old. I’ve been trusted with technology ever since. My former roommate Erin recorded it to…

  • Audio and Instant Music

    I’ve talked about my old Amiga 1000 before, and I’m talking about it again now. It was a great computer for its time. One of the great parts of it was the software. There was an awesome music-making software called Instant Music for the Amiga which allowed one to compose music as easily as one…

  • stew plays, joe mulls

    So the 50 minute Stew show yesterday was wonderful. Totally worth the train ride and Dash ride and lack of usable WiFi signals at California Plaza. I even got to take a few minutes to say hey to Stew. I am such a fan. I actually met him in September last year. I’ve posted some…

  • iTunes Smart Playlist: “where song title contains “dead”

    I swear this is not morbid. Already Dead – Beck Better Off Dead – Randy Newman Daisy Dead Petals – Tori Amos Dead – They Might Be Giants Dead End Job – The Police Dead Flowers – Townes Van Zandt Dead Girls Of London – Frank Zappa Dead Girls Of London – Frank Zappa Dead…

  • Where Song Title Includes Rock

    An iTunes Smart Playlist by Joe Crawford Barefoot Rock — The Blasters Big Rock Candy Mountain — Harry McClintock Block Rockin’ Beats — Chemical Brothers Clash City Rockers — The Clash Cool Breeze On The Rocks — De La Soul Cyclops Rock — They Might Be Giants Don’t Stop The Rock — Chemical Brothers Dr….

  • MySQL Archaeology

    When I was first playing with databases I was putting lots of stray stuff into mine. It was pretty fun, actually. mysql> select want_id, artist, title from music_wanted; +———+———————–+——————————–+ | want_id | artist | title | +———+———————–+——————————–+ | 0001 | Anderson, Laurie | Mr. Heartbreak | | 0002 | Cocker, Joe | Greatest Hits |…

  • np

    I Love L.A. Crank up the Beach Boys, baby Don’t let the music stop We’re gonna ride it till we just can’t ride it no more (…but I’m staying in San Diego)

  • USA Today Likes Stew

    USA Today reviews Something Deeper Than These Changes: Stew, Something Deeper Than These Changes (***) On his solo outings, of which this is the third, the lead singer of L.A. pop eccentrics the Negro Problem is frequently compared to Burt Bacharach. I find his sinuous melodic twists and articulate but sometimes-oblique lyrics (“lunch box mind”)…

  • Some jokes write themselves.

    Hootie and the Blowfish has officially endorsed John Edwards in his campaign for the Presidency of the United States of America.

  • More Jesus iTunes Entries (aka: Songs)

    In reference to this post… My friend Erin sent me: These are the Jesus songs in my iTunes (just in case you wanted to know): Jesus Was Way Cool – King Missile Jesus Christ Pose – Soundgarden Jesus, Etc. – Wilco What A Friend We Have In Jesus – Aretha Franklin Jesus Shaves – David…

  • iTunes, meet Jesus; Latest Mix CD for the truck

    Songs from my music library containing the word “jesus” in the title… Chocolate Jesus ………….. Tom Waits Jesus Built My Hotrod …….. Ministry Jesus Gonna Be Here ………. Tom Waits Jesus In The Summertime …… Randy Newman Jesus Is Just Alright …….. The Doobie Brothers Jesus The Missing Years …… John Prine Jesus Thinks You’re…

  • These Changes

    Something Deeper Than These Changes comes out tuesday. I went to Tower today and they had one in the bins. I won’t quibble that it’s out a day early. I was hoping it would be there. So far I like it very much. But then, I’m a fan. The Statue Song makes me want to…

  • Celeb Moblogging In The Wild.

    Andy of updated his Celebrity Moblogging posting with an active one: — which currently has Randy Newman as the main phone-shot-pic. And interestingly, Andy had commented on my post about Newman some time back. A wee bit of circuitous synchronicity for a Tuesday evening.

  • The outer edges of my music collection

    Still importing tonight. Latest imports include Digable Planets, Neneh Cherry, Motorhead, Mono Puff, Miles Davis, Bud Powell, more Tom Waits, and a lot of Mighty Might Bosstones. Good day today. Productive work. I went to a used bookstore today and appreciated some old books on typography. Wandering and enjoying the phenomenon of downtown San Diego….