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  • Reflecting on myself, August 2014.

    Back in August I made this image of myself from different eras. It was fun to put it together. It showcases my various haircuts and facial hair. Top Left A driver’s license photo from the mid 1990s. I arrived in California to try to get into movies. I cultivated long hair and a bushy beard….

  • Everybody’s coming home for lunch these days: Camper Van Beethoven

    I underestimated Camper Van Beethoven when I was younger. Yes, I loved this song, and also Good Guys and Bad Guys, but I missed how interesting they were, probably because their sound is so organic and folky. But I’ve rectified this by picking up their new “best of” collection called Popular Songs Of Great Enduring…

  • Computers, Tron & Clifford Stoll

    I’m not sure how many of you have fond memories of the movie Tron, but I do. I recall going with my uncle to some office to play “Adventure” — an early (1983) text adventure game. My uncle was friends with various folks in electronics manufacturing in the early 1980s in San Diego. So I…

  • How to Dial a Telephone (1927)

    It occurs to me that if rotary telephones were put in back service they’d have to repeat this public service message. You can put your SIM card in a rotary phone, you know. Portable Rotary Phone – Black. And here’s an art piece that represents a USB rotary dialer. If i used VOIP I would…

  • “Don’t Just Watch Television Tonight, Play It!”

    An old TV commercial for Atari featuring Carol Channing and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Those graphics were once amazing.

  • Ah, Nostalgia

    This graf from Paul Ford is evocative for me: In the late 1980s there was a prevalent nostalgia for the 1950s that made its way into collage culture. That was my first exposure to irony proper; I watched Leave it to Beaver and bought zines with collages of men with pipes and smiling housewives. An…