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  • Anyone can be a forensic photographic investigator.

    We have at our fingertips research tools and technology that are stunning. This is of course not new. The future is rather well distributed to people with a certain amount of cashflow and some computer tools. I participate in a Facebook group about old things in San Diego. Someone posted this photo from 1965, asking…

  • “Art”

    I’m not sure what I think of these now. They’re interesting graphic designs, and definitely I used what I learned from them when I made my headers. I’m not sure they qualify as art. Untitled, 1997. Untitled. 11 June 2000.

  • First Digital

    This is the first digital self portrait I ever did. An acquaintance was getting tattooed and my pal Erin took a picture of me in this biker vest – something I can’t imagine wearing otherwise, by the way. Anyway, I matted that to a postcard of some Italian Basilica (giving me a somewhat strange messianic…