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  • The Power of Graphic Design: Politics
    Sneak Preview of the Cover of The Stranger This Week, Created by Dan Savage and Aaron Huffman The power of graphic design to communicate sometimes rattles me to my core.
  • Very frank talk on Conservative Media from a conservative
    Frank talk about the interests of governance vs. conservative media in David Frum: Waterloo: I’ve been on a soapbox for months now about the harm that our overheated talk is doing to us. Yes it mobilizes supporters – but by mobilizing them with hysterical accusations and pseudo-information, overheated talk has made it impossible for representatives…
  • The future is unwritten
    The past, we have written down and we can reference it: Barack Obama. I like him. He seems to be a straight shooter with upper management written all over him. I like that I my spidey sense doesn’t tingle with “Plastic Robot!” when I watch him speak. I would like him to be President. About…

  • I’m Tired of Politics
    But I can remind you to vote if you haven’t. I’ll be voting in the morning. Looking forward to it. Vote. Every vote counts, or at least it should, and it probably will. Update: I voted this morning. Got there 10 minutes early and there was already a line about 60 people long. Once the…
  • California’s History of Miscegenation Laws
    1880: Miscegenation [Statute]Made it illegal for white persons to marry a "Negro, mulatto, or Mongolian." 1901: Miscegenation [Statute]The 1850 law prohibiting marriage between white persons and Negroes or mulattoes was amended, adding "Mongolian." 1909: Miscegenation [Statute]Persons of Japanese descent were added to the list of undesirable marriage partners of white Californians as noted in the…
  • Senator Biden is now my Homeboy.
    via the inestimable tony pierce
  • Stating Where It’s At
    Note: I wrote this in a text editor around October 2nd, nearly three weeks ago. I’m posting with only minor edits to what was in the text file. My latest contract is going very well technically, I’m enjoying using SilverStripe as well as jQuery day in and day out. It’s a pleasure to write OO PHP….