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  • Remember when we used to link to things?

    So here’s a link to Doc Searls:¬†Enough Alreadies, who said about leaving Quora: Even if something gets a lot of notice, the news cycle is hardly longer than Now, and the sense of having done something quickly disappears. The beautiful blog about aging with style Advanced Style posts Volunteer with Meals on Wheels, which sounds…

  • “I wonder if anyone is reading this”

    I have been wondering about my audience for this blog for a long time. As a reminder, I’ve been posting material here since 2001. 2015 marks 14 years of postings. Lately it seems it’s mostly a republishing platform for my Instagram photos because of my distrust of providers of internet services. Here’s a header I…

  • Adieu Google Reader

    On July 1, Google Reader does indeed close. Reader has been a valuable tool for me for a long time. In 2006, I said: Holy cow but the new Google Reader is pretty darn good. Fully worth using to read your RSS and Atom feeds. And that same year, I wrote an extended piece that…

  • Blog Migration,

    Speaking of blog migrations from Blogger to WordPress, here’s a successful one: Initially Lura was hosted under Windows and IIS. PHP was installed on her former server, but it did not really respond appropriately and the various IIS/WordPress/”mod_rewrite” hacks did not seem to work. So I advised her to move to PHP/Apache. Things went pretty…

  • Sickish. Misckish.

    Still feverish. Nasal congestion ahoy! Cough productive now. I would rather <i>move</i> than be sick right now. That’s pretty bad. Some miscellaneous items for you: Hindsight is 20/20: quotes about Iraq from before we started: Voices: The Quotes That Sent Us To War. My favorite: “Having defeated and then occupied Iraq, democratizing the country should…

  • I have 2 subscribers!

    Share Your OPML: Who subscribes to… … woo hoo!

  • San Diego Bloggers : RSS Feed

    And now there’s a SDB RSS Feed.