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  • Tomorrow’s Trip

    I have more to say than will fit in this space. In lieu of words, here is a picture of my trip tomorrow from Washington, D.C. to San Diego.:

  • Things Are Tough; Stuff For Sale

    Despite being occupied with going to the post office, racquetball, to see the great new documentary Dog Town and Z-Boys, yesterday was an intensely difficult day. I’m going to try to radically reform my life and figure out how I can be a better formed human being. Part of that is doing some de-pack-ratting. So…

  • new badge wearer!

    spinhead’s rocking music blog is now wearing a san diego blogger badge.

  • San Diego Jobs! Meet Anita!

    In San Diego, or Just looking for a job? Check this: Anita’s Recommended Job Websites. Anita’s a very important member of, and also has a blog, a business consultancy as a Search Engine Guru, and two eBooks.

  • Spinhead’s is shaping up

    Spinhead’s is shaping up as a great music blog. I added it to san diego bloggers as well.

  • Apple CEO Gil Amelio to speak in San Diego

    Apple CEO Gil Amelio to speak in San Diego — check for details. I’m going I’m pretty sure.

  • Volunteer San Diego…

    Volunteer San Diego. Interesting. Sheesh, I have a lot of links lately. Building up I suppose.

  • San Diego Neighborhoods Map…

    San Diego Neighborhoods Map, from the City of San Diego. Useful. There seem to be more neighborhoods here in San Diego since the various times when I was growing up here.

  • Geek Out Brain Dump!

    I’ve been collecting URLs as usual. And it’s gotten ahead of me. Time to release these into the wild. Great tutorials on Apache and OSX from O’Reilly: Apache Web Serving with MacOS X; and an overview of Open Source Databases, from Apple. Something on Cold Fusion: DeDup was a cold fusion function I found useful…

  • San Diego Blogger Slashdotted!

    I had no idea that Jeff’s Loungespot had gotten slashdotted. I had mentioned it before that. But he’s back now, better than ever I think!

  • New badge at san diego bloggers…

    New badge at san diego bloggers. Anyone want to contribute more?

  • Quoted in San Diego Daily Transcript; Note on Being a Resource says ruling is first win in Microsoft battle (archived lynx dump), a story from the SDDT, includes a quote from my article on Lindows. To any reporters reading this: I’m happy to be a resource on stories, just drop me a line. I also know a great deal of technical San Diego folks, and…

  • More on Moore in San Diego

    Kynn has posted an article covering in depth the recent Michael Moore book tour event in San Diego, check it out: Michael Moore vs. The Police, I had mentioned it a few days ago, and Moore himself has written about this interesting incident: Mike’s Book Tour Diary: Police Raid, Shut Down My Book-signing in San…

  • …the right of the people peaceably to assemble…

    On Friday Jenny and I went to see Michael Moore on his book tour. He wrote Stupid White Men, which was nearly pulped, if not for the action of some stalwart librarians. Read about that on his site. There was an amazing turnout for conservative Navy town San Diego. The Middle School (auditorium? hall?) was…

  • AnswerBus is to AskJeeves as Google is to AltaVista?

    Well … maybe. Check it out! AnswerBus — I find this pretty interesting. It’s simple, and provides a nice mechanism to change your question. I tried: “When was San Diego founded?” that got me some unrelated org – I changed it on the fly to: “When was the city of San Diego founded?” and got…

  • Building a Giant Gameboy » Gameman!

    I love this a local guy is building a gigantic gameboy. Be sure to look at the construction photos! I can’t wait to see progress on this. (Aside: This is a big payoff for my San Diego Bloggers page, this is one of the journals I found in my searches for San Diego journals. Cool….

  • Mothers of Invention Ticket

    Steve passed this along to me a few years ago (March of 2000 by the timestamp on my copy of the file). I have it in my Zappa folder on my main computer, but I thought I’d add it to my Zappa Fan piece , and include it here in the blog. So here it…

  • Inbound!

    Charles and Jenny are both using the san diego bloggers badge. And others are noticing and linking as well.