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  • Third Best Comic Book Store Ever
    While I was visiting Washington D.C. last week, my sister and I wandered around Georgetown a bit. In so doing one of the places we went was a place my sister had never been — Big Planet Comics. Now, I’ve lived all over. And I’ve been to a lot of comic book stores. My compliment…
  • Back
    I’m back in San Diego, but I’m still on east coast time. Upshot? If I were in EDT, I’d be up late. But it’s PDT, so I’m up early. As for the map in the previous entry, my flight actually went through Chicago, but you didn’t think the map in the previous entry was spot-on…
  • Tomorrow’s Trip
    I have more to say than will fit in this space. In lieu of words, here is a picture of my trip tomorrow from Washington, D.C. to San Diego.:
  • Things Are Tough; Stuff For Sale
    Despite being occupied with going to the post office, racquetball, to see the great new documentary Dog Town and Z-Boys, yesterday was an intensely difficult day. I’m going to try to radically reform my life and figure out how I can be a better formed human being. Part of that is doing some de-pack-ratting. So…
  • new badge wearer!
    spinhead’s rocking music blog is now wearing a san diego blogger badge.
  • San Diego Jobs! Meet Anita!
    In San Diego, or Just looking for a job? Check this: Anita’s Recommended Job Websites. Anita’s a very important member of, and also has a blog, a business consultancy as a Search Engine Guru, and two eBooks.
  • Spinhead’s is shaping up
    Spinhead’s is shaping up as a great music blog. I added it to san diego bloggers as well.
  • Apple CEO Gil Amelio to speak in San Diego
    Apple CEO Gil Amelio to speak in San Diego — check for details. I’m going I’m pretty sure.
  • Volunteer San Diego…
    Volunteer San Diego. Interesting. Sheesh, I have a lot of links lately. Building up I suppose.
  • San Diego Neighborhoods Map…
    San Diego Neighborhoods Map, from the City of San Diego. Useful. There seem to be more neighborhoods here in San Diego since the various times when I was growing up here.