this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.

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  • Daily Links

    The Cult Of Sondra these videos sound pretty wonderful/horrible. (tags: video funny) Apple – Thoughts on Music Steve Jobs lets it be known that the DRM Emperor has no clothes, and that EVERYONE would be better served without it. Preach it brother! (tags: music apple software copyright law) San Diego Blogger Awards – Blogs to…

  • what shall we do with and the mailing list?

    greetings all fellow websandiegans. in 1999, i started this mailing list, and soon after the website at since moving away 2 years ago, i have not been much of a steward of this list, and frankly have lost interest. i love and cherish this place, but i have moved on. i have appreciated so…

  • Mention in San Diego CityBeat

    This article: Blogs in Geekland mentions my very own site. How cool! I wish there was a datestamp on the article. I have no idea when it was posted.

  • Locals Only

    Local Blog Jamboree is a roundup of some local bloggers and what they’re talking about. Entertaining stuff. You may also notice that San Diego Blog is getting an extreme makeover, still in progress. What’s changed? Well, we have added events, San Diego Bloggers badge wearers, and other local blog directories. Atom support, RSS support,…

  • San Diego Blogger Map

    A rough PHP and MySQL and CSS toy: San Diego Bloggers, Plotted

  • San Diego Bloggers added May 2004

    2004-05-29 Avenge The Fold… 2004-05-27 Denounce (RSS) 2004-05-24 Brandi Babe – The Diary (RSS) 2004-05-23 Banana Tree House (Atom)(+) 2004-05-21 Binary Wolf (Atom)(RSS)(+) 2004-05-21 this is it (Atom)(RSS)(+) 2004-05-20 San Diego Macromedia Users Group (Atom) 2004-05-18 (RSS) 2004-05-18 Urban Amy (Atom)(RSS)(+) 2004-05-18 Merge Events 2004-05-17 incitrio 2004-05-15 damon rouse dot blog (RSS)(+) 2004-05-15 vmoney…

  • San Diego Bloggers Added in April, 2004

    2004-04-26 both hands 2004-04-26 Frinklin Speaks (RSS) 2004-04-19 HillQuest Blog 2004-04-13 Krassy Can Blog It (Atom) 2004-04-08 Ad Blog 2004-04-07 I’m Just Digital (Atom)(RSS)(+) 2004-04-06 lachan clapisada 2004-04-05 Cameron Childress (RSS) Go now.

  • San Diego Bloggers Added in March, 2004

    San Diego Bloggers Added in March, 2004 2004-03-17 Minh T. Nguyen’s Blog (RSS) 2004-03-14 Tom Log (RSS) 2004-03-09 Navy Lady (Atom)(+) 2004-03-09 Legal News Watch (RSS) 2004-03-04 Oso’s Blog (Atom)(RSS)(+) 2004-03-04 Wagner’s Weblog (RSS) 2004-03-02 karenika 2004-03-01 Chronic Listaholic (Atom) 2004-03-01 The Moderate Voice (Atom)

  • More San Diego Bloggers Stuff

    Are you tired of me talking about San Diego Bloggers? Yes? Well, sorry. But, we’re 5 days into March and we already have 5 new blogs! And check out the Feeds and GeoData and such. 2004-03-04 Oso’s Blog (Atom)(RSS)(+) 2004-03-04 Wagner’s Weblog (RSS) 2004-03-02 karenika 2004-03-01 Chronic Listaholic (Atom) 2004-03-01 The Moderate Voice (Atom) Also,…

  • More Atom

    San Diego Bloggers. now has its own Atom Feed. (Don’t click that unless you have an Atom Enabled newsreader. It will only confuse you).