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  • Daily Links
    The Cult Of Sondra these videos sound pretty wonderful/horrible. (tags: video funny) Apple – Thoughts on Music Steve Jobs lets it be known that the DRM Emperor has no clothes, and that EVERYONE would be better served without it. Preach it brother! (tags: music apple software copyright law) San Diego Blogger Awards – Blogs to…
  • what shall we do with and the mailing list?
    greetings all fellow websandiegans. in 1999, i started this mailing list, and soon after the website at since moving away 2 years ago, i have not been much of a steward of this list, and frankly have lost interest. i love and cherish this place, but i have moved on. i have appreciated so…
  • Mention in San Diego CityBeat
    This article: Blogs in Geekland mentions my very own site. How cool! I wish there was a datestamp on the article. I have no idea when it was posted.
  • Locals Only
    Local Blog Jamboree is a roundup of some local bloggers and what they’re talking about. Entertaining stuff. You may also notice that San Diego Blog is getting an extreme makeover, still in progress. What’s changed? Well, we have added events, San Diego Bloggers badge wearers, and other local blog directories. Atom support, RSS support,…

  • San Diego Blogger Map
    A rough PHP and MySQL and CSS toy: San Diego Bloggers, Plotted
  • San Diego Bloggers added May 2004
    2004-05-29 Avenge The Fold… 2004-05-27 Denounce (RSS) 2004-05-24 Brandi Babe – The Diary (RSS) 2004-05-23 Banana Tree House (Atom)(+) 2004-05-21 Binary Wolf (Atom)(RSS)(+) 2004-05-21 this is it (Atom)(RSS)(+) 2004-05-20 San Diego Macromedia Users Group (Atom) 2004-05-18 (RSS) 2004-05-18 Urban Amy (Atom)(RSS)(+) 2004-05-18 Merge Events 2004-05-17 incitrio 2004-05-15 damon rouse dot blog (RSS)(+) 2004-05-15 vmoney…
  • San Diego Bloggers Added in April, 2004
    2004-04-26 both hands 2004-04-26 Frinklin Speaks (RSS) 2004-04-19 HillQuest Blog 2004-04-13 Krassy Can Blog It (Atom) 2004-04-08 Ad Blog 2004-04-07 I’m Just Digital (Atom)(RSS)(+) 2004-04-06 lachan clapisada 2004-04-05 Cameron Childress (RSS) Go now.
  • San Diego Bloggers Added in March, 2004
    San Diego Bloggers Added in March, 2004 2004-03-17 Minh T. Nguyen’s Blog (RSS) 2004-03-14 Tom Log (RSS) 2004-03-09 Navy Lady (Atom)(+) 2004-03-09 Legal News Watch (RSS) 2004-03-04 Oso’s Blog (Atom)(RSS)(+) 2004-03-04 Wagner’s Weblog (RSS) 2004-03-02 karenika 2004-03-01 Chronic Listaholic (Atom) 2004-03-01 The Moderate Voice (Atom)
  • More San Diego Bloggers Stuff
    Are you tired of me talking about San Diego Bloggers? Yes? Well, sorry. But, we’re 5 days into March and we already have 5 new blogs! And check out the Feeds and GeoData and such. 2004-03-04 Oso’s Blog (Atom)(RSS)(+) 2004-03-04 Wagner’s Weblog (RSS) 2004-03-02 karenika 2004-03-01 Chronic Listaholic (Atom) 2004-03-01 The Moderate Voice (Atom) Also,…
  • More Atom
    San Diego Bloggers. now has its own Atom Feed. (Don’t click that unless you have an Atom Enabled newsreader. It will only confuse you).
  • San Diego Bloggers for February 2004
    I added antry for Atom in the database for and did some semi-automated autodiscovery of Atom and RSS feeds. That was pretty fun. Additionally, there are some interesting new sites in this list. Commentary, a family site, some moblogs, including one for the San Diego Chargers. Good stuff. So here they are San Diego…
  • New Badges
    There are new badges for San Diego Bloggers I found. One by Tim Murphy, and one by Dale Franks. On a related note: Leah has some too.
  • OPML File for San Diego
    I have created an OPML file for San Diego Bloggers. What is OPML? It stands for “Outline Processing Markup Language” — see for more information. google for import opml for more information on importing the file into your RSS Reader. e.g.: FeedDemon. In NetNewsWire, one must save the OPML file, then save the file,…
  • Blogs added since February, San Diego Blogs, by Date of Addition:
    2003-02-02 – sd homies (xml) 2003-02-04 – Star Lady Speaks 2003-02-04 – JWalk Blog (xml) 2003-02-04 – A little bit bad 2003-02-04 – a jaunty little blog 2003-02-04 – lisa violet’s diary 2003-02-04 – (xml) 2003-02-07 – Search Engines: Cranky Guru 2003-02-07 – Primary Main Objective… (xml) 2003-02-07 – Cranky Guru: bits on organizations…
  • Another Brain Dump! Various News Relevant to Me, and Maybe You? Small Personal Note
    San Diego has a new Python Group Rafe Colburn, Danny Ayers, and Scott Janssens linked to my Flash Mind Reader Debunk page Thanks! Go read World of Ends – right up there with The Cluetrain Manifesto New San Diego Bloggers URL: Book review of a book about the anthropological roots of religion Fitt’s Law…
  • Geeking Out – More Changes To San Diego Bloggers
    I’ve made a bunch of changes to San Diego Bloggers — I’m putting together a php/mysql database to help me manage those links easier. It’s really cool, and really geeky. Also, the story from the other day got mentioned, along with SD Bloggers over at the very cool Blogroots.

  • San Diego Bloggers
    The San Diego Bloggers page has been modified a but more, including sidebars for Netscape 6-7/Mozilla, Macintosh Internet Explorer, and a bookmarklet for Windows Internet Explorer. The same old badges are there, and there are even more great San Diego area blogs to browse. Check them out now!
  • Blog Meetup Recap
    I’m really glad I went to the Blog Meetup last night. I carpooled with the lovely and talented Tara, which was pretty cool unto itself. The location, Claire de Lune. I like that place – it was the site of the most successful Happy Hour — #6, which is 2 years ago now. But…