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  • Wherein I photobomb Cixin Liu
    That’s me in the back! From UCSD Clarke Center: In case you missed our sold-out evening with science fiction masters Cixin Liu and John Scalzi, you can now see the documentary video of the interview with Clarke Center Director Sheldon Brown at our Youtube channel:

  • RoboCop Valentine by Dresden Codak
    Crossposted to New City.

  • “I have been and always shall be your friend.”
    “This is your thirty-fifth attempt to elicit an emotional response from me.” “Is there a problem officer?”
  • Sabotage Video a la Galactica
  • Capricorn One
    Capricorn One is a favorite movie of mine. If it’s on TV, particularly if it’s on widescreen, I can scarcely avoid it. It came out in 1978. I saw it the year it came out. It left a big impression on me. Part of my fascination was that there can be things that are stated…

  • Apple to retcon the PADD
    PADD = “PADD” is an acronym for Personal Access Display Device, a hand-held computer interface, used as early as the 22nd century and well into the 24th century. Supposedly Apple Computer of Cupertino, California will be retconning the PADD in about an hour. I will defer to Jason Kottke on what the best sources of…

  • Lego Yamato; USS Texas
    From JapanProbe we have this wonderful find: In the twilight months between living in the Philippines and moving to New Orleans, Channel 6 in San Diego showed Star Blazers. I found the notion of reviving a dead battleship for the purposes of traveling to space and defending Earth to be inspiring. I thought little that…

  • Blade Runner BMW Ad
    Really cool German BMW Ad which uses multiple motifs prop items from the film Blade Runner. I like the usage of Science Fiction in unusual places. I’m reminded of a post from last December, Robot Meets Girl.

  • Computers, Tron & Clifford Stoll
    I’m not sure how many of you have fond memories of the movie Tron, but I do. I recall going with my uncle to some office to play “Adventure” — an early (1983) text adventure game. My uncle was friends with various folks in electronics manufacturing in the early 1980s in San Diego. So I…

  • Robot Meets Girl
    I really like this set of photos, originally from Girl Vogue Korea in January 2006. They are sweet and charming and very 21st Century. If you had asked me in 1986 what I thought magazine fashion spreads for teen girls would look like in 2006, this would have been my answer. Of course, I’d have…
  • Science Fiction Authors by Faith
    This page (via bb): Science Fiction/Fantasy Authors of Various Faiths is intriguing to me. Sort of… something I had never considered before, you know? Sadly, it does not list my favorites: Neal Stephenson, Bruce Sterling, or William Gibson. Correction from Preston Hunter: Science Fiction Writers of Various Faiths is the SECOND page, like the overflow…
  • She’s Talking About Me!
    (source) Baby boomers–the cohort for whom Golden Age authors evoke fond recollections of childhood–currently dominate sf production and consumption. This supersized slice of the demographic pie has exerted hegemony over the pace and direction of cultural change for decades, but the Age of the Internet and the New Economy have, it seems to me, begun…