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  • Smorgasborg, not Smorgasbord

    I spent some time reworking a page I’ve had hidden, or at least deemphasized for about 5 years. The page is the one I named Smorgasborg in 1988. It has been my “entertaining, silly and educational junk drawer” ever since then. I remember a time when things on the web seemed to have shorter lives,…

  • Receipt Poetry, 1999

  • Silliness of the Day

    Keep your kids safe. via Kynn.

  • Tennis Pong

    Really wonderful silliness via B3ta: And now, live from Wimbledon, the interactive Pong championships 2008 Busy today. Lots happening. Behind on some side stuff, but the day job has to come first. Also, got to hit the pool at lunchtime. Promise to catch up soon!

  • Sixty Out of Ninety-One

    Sadly, they inserted a hidden link to some dumb dating site into the HTML they generate. Boo! … Quiz was fun though.