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  • Roman Numerals, Updated.

    Back in 2012 I first added the Roman Numeral page, as I noted in this post. It’s ultra-simple but it’s also quite fun. I also removed jQuery from those pages. I made individual pages for individual numbers. I upgraded from the older version of Bootstrap that page uses. Enjoy.

  • TabSweep.txt PART 1

    I’ve been keeping a text file with links. Some of which I have read and listened to, some of which, not. It’s sort of my “todo” list of links. And it’s unwieldy but it’s time to catch up with them all! And so, I present to you, TabSweep.txt. I’ll be doing these in chunks of…

  • Smorgasborg, not Smorgasbord

    I spent some time reworking a page I’ve had hidden, or at least deemphasized for about 5 years. The page is the one I named Smorgasborg in 1988. It has been my “entertaining, silly and educational junk drawer” ever since then. I remember a time when things on the web seemed to have shorter lives,…

  • Jaycees

    Some people I share the initials “J.C” with. I had this on paper from over 10 years ago. I’m throwing out the list, and blogging it: Jack Cade Jack Cole Jacques-Yves Cousteau James Chadwick James Cook James Crichton James Cabell Jesus Christ John Cabot John Calvin John Carver John Cheever John Colet John Chapman aka…

  • Crackpot Junk Mail, 1992

    From my scrapbook archives, a Book of Revelations bit of nuttery 14 years later. Where’s those end times?

  • Why a website?

    I’ve been slowly migrating content from the smorgasborg to either the blog or to /dev/null. I’ll let handle maintaining all these little crappy bits. Really though, the smorgasborg was a bit of a blog. I just kept adding, and it was random. It was a little like a memepool, but I didn’t keep it…

  • How To Say “ArtLung” Phonetically

    …in case you were wondering.

  • The Worst Candy I Ever Ate In My Life

    The worst candy I ever ate in my life was called “Giga” and came from Sweden from my co-worker Ingrid. This is what the packaging looks like so you can avoid it: It was salty, very salty. I don’t remember any “sweet” to speak of. That was back in 2001.