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  • C-SPAN, Joys Of
    One of the things I miss most about cable television is C-SPAN. The opportunity to be exposed to thinkers, pundits, books is really incredible. Sure, a lot of dross shows up there. I always enjoyed finding an engaging intellect there. Some time ago C-SPAN started to put more archival video up: C-Span Video Library. Here’s…
  • Thomas P.M. Barnett’s “New Map” Brief in 2002
    Via Thomas PM Barnett Thomas Barnett’s thinking has been inspirational to me for years. It’s, what, idealistic realpolitik? I love the word realpolitik.
  • TPM Barnett on social networking technology
    It’s about the people and relationships first, technology second: I think one of the reasons why such connecting technologies get underappreciated or underused is that we manage to cast the whole process as some revolutionary new mode of behavior, when it’s not. The same interpersonal skills apply, it’s merely the scope and speed that changes….
  • Latest Thomas Barnett Lecture
    Always enjoyable, and wonderful to see and hear how the brief has evolved. via his excellent blog, and the post The Latest and Greatest Brief
  • Barnett and Kunstler on Obama’s Impolitic Words
    Two iconoclastic thinkers who I think would usually disagree (Barnett is an optimist/realist; Kunstler is nearly apocalypticist) are in complete agreement! This is a nice surprise. James Kunstler (foul language, sorry): Barack Obama caught hell last week for daring to tell the truth about the ragged thing that the American spirit has become. He said…
  • T.P.B. Barnett comments on citizenry’s distrust
    I’m moved by this because it speaks to my own feelings about government: Email exchange :: Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog: A lot of people out there convinced they are completely powerless in this world and that we’re being sucked into wars with no forethought. It’s a sad commentary on where we are right now…
  • American Innovation: Sushi
    I have mentioned before how much I esteem Thomas P.M. Barnett. In a recent blog post he points out a USA Today story about a new term in American Islam: Sushi The quote from the USA Today story: He calls himself “Sushi,” the popular term for a combination of Sunni and Shiite. Once the glib…
  • Freedom trails economic freedom
    I love how concise Thomas Barnett can be: Watch Vietnam’s rerun of China’s relationship with U.S.: Vietnam will face all the same pushback China has and continues to receive: yes, you’re turning capitalistic but not democratic at the same time. What should Triet do? Exact same game plan: He will also respond to criticism of…
  • Iran: “I ask you, is he irrational?”
    Thomas PM Barnett remains my favorite geopolitical thinker. Embedded in his talk (downloadable as a Podcast) from Pop!Tech is a short talk on Iran. He makes a metaphor about Iran that feels very true, and with that short metaphor explains their desire for nuclear weapons: Two thirds of the oil that comes out of the…