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  • Steve and Natty’s Excellent Adventure, Updated, mentioned before, have updated their amazing travelogue » Go there already!
  • An Excellent Observation on Airlines
    … in a Longer, Interesting Speech from Bruce Sterling. Worth a read. Really worth your valuable time. If you’ve been in airports recently, I believe you are seeing a pretty apt, early version of Terrorspace. At any random moment, you can have your possessions rifled through by strangers. Your shoes are scanned, and various small…
  • Back
    I’m back in San Diego, but I’m still on east coast time. Upshot? If I were in EDT, I’d be up late. But it’s PDT, so I’m up early. As for the map in the previous entry, my flight actually went through Chicago, but you didn’t think the map in the previous entry was spot-on…
  • Civil Liberties Quote of the Day
    Civil Liberties Quote of the Day (source): When your government, employer, landlord, merchant, banker and local sports team gang up to picture, digitize and permanently record your every activity, you are placed under unprecedented control. This is not some alarmist Orwellian scenario; it is here, now, financed by $20 billion last year and $15 billion…