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  • That Time When My URL Appeared On The TV Show Bones

    In August of last year I got an email from a fellow who was watching Bones on Netflix, and, well, here’s what they said: Hi Joe, You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but I saw something odd in a fraction of a second on a TV show, and it lead me to…

  • The day my twitter icon showed up on local TV

    Okay, maybe not that exciting. See it on a local tv station WSLS: Jay Learns How To Tweet. A screenshot:

  • 30 Rock Appreciation

    I have now looked at everything on the (not-safe-for-work named) blank yeah liz lemon. I was laughing maniacally at this site. Why? I don’t know, it’s not like I’ve not seen the images and heard the lines spoken, still, I laughed. Two selections, they may not make you laugh if you don’t watch the show,…

  • Mark Cuban’s counterintuitive take on NBC’s talk show moves

    Mark Cuban has a counterintuitive take on the changes NBC tried with regards to late night tv in his latest post: Why are we condemning Jeff Zucker & NBC over Leno? In today’s corporate world, if you don’t take the risks, you don’t get skewered on blogs, on cable news, in the newspaper. Public condemnation…

  • “This is free genius tv advice.”

    David Letterman comments on TV shenanigans:

  • Omar & Brother Mouzone

    Two of the more vivid characters from The Wire, Omar and Brother Mouzone, which Leah, my father and I have watched over the past month with great zeal. It’s worth re-watching start-to-finish.

  • Walt Disney; What’s My Line

    Love this episode of What’s My Line: Our houseguests and Leah and I went to Disneyland several weeks ago on the dime of one of Leah’s blogger things, and I was impressed. I was not feeling that great, but I was stunned by how well the fun machine of Disney’s making works.

  • Even More David Simon

    via UBM. and previously.

  • The Wire Ends

    The Wire ended. It was awesome. Some further reading: Heaven and Here: So Thiis Is How It Ends; The Wire: David Simon Q & A (long and really excellent); Undercover Black Man: The End of the Wire; and lastly Memo to Casting Agents: Please don’t waste actors from The Wire. As Daniels says: “To be…

  • Misc, Misc, everywhere… and not a drop to drink

    Blurbomat points to the review of MacOS 10.5, “Leopard” on Ars Technica. Anil Dash has no sense of humor about one icon. I wish Windows had included Mac networking by default years ago. Sadly, no. Maybe something based on: I upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.3.1. Bugfixes and an easy transition from 2.3. I’m so…

  • Zappa on Miami Vice

    I’ve known for years that (my hero) Frank Zappa had appeared on 1980s tv show Miami Vice. Until this morning, I had never seen anything from that show. Thanks to YouTube, I can enjoy it in all it’s (terrible) glory: