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  • Wherein I photobomb Cixin Liu
    That’s me in the back! From UCSD Clarke Center: In case you missed our sold-out evening with science fiction masters Cixin Liu and John Scalzi, you can now see the documentary video of the interview with Clarke Center Director Sheldon Brown at our Youtube channel:
  • Ocean Beach Woman Loses Skin, Lives – Health – Woman’s Skin Falls Off, Miraculously Lives — here’s more on Transcyte: Human Fibroblast Derived Temporary Skin Substitute – Temporary wound covering for surgically excised full-thickness and partial-thickness burns. TransCyte consists of a polymer membrane and newborn human fibroblast cells cultured under aseptic conditions in vitro on a nylon mesh. Prior to…
  • I Am Seriously Thinking About This
    UCSD Visual Arts : Undergraduate Program : Majors : ICAM.