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  • Go West Young Man!

    Leah and I managed to get all the way across the country in just 4 days. Then we picked up the kids, piecemeal, and turned right around and went to her parents’ house in Southwestern Utah! It’s been a driving extravaganza for us and really a joyful trip all around. This fine morning I find…

  • Jacob Lake Campground

    At Christmastime, which Leah and I spent in Kanab, Utah with family, I drove south towards the north rim of the Grand Canyon. I took a few photos on the drive. Kanab’s elevation is 4,970 feet — there was a very slight amount of snow on the cliffs near Kanab and lingering in the town…

  • Snowman by Ty and Tony

    They made this before they wrestled in the snow.

  • Snowing Here in UT

    Yesterday we hit the road to spend Christmas with Leah’s folks. The drive yesterday was fine, save for some heavy wind as we left Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. The van was loaded for Christmas–excellent job loading the top by Tyler and Devon. Here’s Tyler checking the load as we get some breakfast at 6:20am…

  • Kanab From Above

    My brother in law took this great picture of his daughter above Kanab. I love how the photo implies Kanab is some kind of metropolis. It’s a great town, but don’t think for a minute there’s more than one stoplight. 🙂 Many of my in-laws went on a hike on Tuesday. It was quite a…

  • From Kanab

    Where they have no free wireless and won’t let me plug in my laptop… “viruses” is the reason. Please Kanab City Library, learn from San Diego and get some free wireless! Ho hum. That’s some sad. Regardless, work must be done, offline. I’ll be uploading later. Some milestones: In 2006 this blog will turn 5…

  • Things About Utah

    Man, that ground is red. Fry sauce. Dial-up is slow. It is bad to put cellular phones into washing machines. I gave my copy of The Jefferson Bible to Leah’s parents. I like dried papaya. Many movies and TV shows have been shot in Kanab. Driving through the area where the polygamists live is eerie….