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  • Coffee Bean!
    The Coffee Bean & Tea has been good to me in the past two weeks. Here’s a coffee bean of thanks, courtesy, AGAIN,
  • “Push Again!”
    view this video on Flickr Grandpa: “I pushed down and nothing happened…” Grandma: “Push again!” This is from March 10, 2009. Futzing with the camera to take a photo of the flowers in the front yard, and a perfect microencapsulation of my grandparents and how they worked on things together. My Grandma had a pretty…
  • Bruce Sterling on Vernacular Video
    Closing Keynote: Vernacular Video by Bruce Sterling on how media morph over time. Chief insight I’ve read before but never heard: to look forward in time, you have to also look twice as far back into the past.
  • Memorial in Arizona
    Speech by President Obama.
  • Fancy
    For some reason this video–Fancy by Reba McEntire–has stuck with me as a kitsch cheese masterpiece since I first saw it maybe 20 years ago. The song and I think the video too were released in 1990. It is over-the-top melodrama and until I looked it up, I had no idea it was a cover…
  • Progeny Film Festival; Blacksburg
    This past weekend Leah and I went down to Blacksburg and attended (most of) the Progeny Film Festival. These were student and community-made films and they showed real promise. I have a soft spot for student film. The Festival was held at The Lyric Theater, which has an interesting history. The film I liked best…
  • Pixels, by Patrick Jean
    A visual treat for Friday. via jwz.

  • The day my twitter icon showed up on local TV
    Okay, maybe not that exciting. See it on a local tv station WSLS: Jay Learns How To Tweet. A screenshot:
  • Chatroulette: Merton, Ben Folds
    The wonder serendipity that was part of the net I remember now gets YouTubed and shared back with the world. I wrote about Chatroulette last month, here’s some wonderful video that is internet + piano + video + flash-enabled randomized connected chat. It’s a wonderful selection. Note: there are swear words. I still like Ben…
  • Sabotage Video a la Galactica