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  • Chatroulette: Merton, Ben Folds

    The wonder serendipity that was part of the net I remember now gets YouTubed and shared back with the world. I wrote about Chatroulette last month, here’s some wonderful video that is internet + piano + video + flash-enabled randomized connected chat. It’s a wonderful selection. Note: there are swear words. I still like Ben…

  • Cloud computing described by Larry Ellison

    Apparently this “cloud” thing is made of computers, it’s not just water vapor. Funny video featuring Larry Ellison. via Daring Fireball

  • Charming 1956 Disneyland Home Movie

    And it turns out there’s an instant of young Steve Martin in the film. Also watch or download it at Found via the always wonderful

  • Predicting the meltdown

    Peter Schiff ends up prophetic, while everyone on the shows in this video treats him as a Cassandra. via Open Culture and Paul Kedrosky.

  • Senator Biden is now my Homeboy.

    via the inestimable tony pierce

  • Walt Disney; What’s My Line

    Love this episode of What’s My Line: Our houseguests and Leah and I went to Disneyland several weeks ago on the dime of one of Leah’s blogger things, and I was impressed. I was not feeling that great, but I was stunned by how well the fun machine of Disney’s making works.

  • Penetrators: Shopping Bag

    Another piece of culture I’d never seen, via PCL Linkdump. I had heard of the band Penetrators but I’d never heard anything by them that I was aware of. The video is nearly perfect in its chaotic silliness. The song has a perfect hook too.

  • Web Anthropology, particularly YouTube

    Anthropologist Dr. Michael Wesch talks about Digital Ethnography. He puts YouTube in perspective and reminds me I love it despite the fact that one needs a tool like Comment Snob sometimes to appreciate it.

  • Let Forever Be

    I just can’t get this song out of my head, and I don’t care one whit, not one jot. Chemical Brothers, Let Forever Be

  • Wood Beez + Scritti Politti + 1980s Music

    Wood Beez is turning into one of those songs that I play over and over and over and over in an effort to, what, understand? Get it? Enjoy? The video is deconstructionist frippery, and ultimately harmless. The black pride salute reference is an interesting choice. I remember liking Perfect Way and Wood Beez, and taping…

  • Stew on Theater Talk

    Very enjoyable. And also: Stew Plays Drunk at the Obies (read the whole thing), it does get a bit too wild for work: Because of Stew, I am looking forward to the Tony Awards. I don’t believe it either.

  • Soy Cowboy: Lily Pads & Rock Cod

    After high school, it became something of a fetish of mine to travel from San Diego to Los Angeles and do various sightseeing. One of the things I (and my friend Chris) used to hit was the Art Center College of Design gallery. For us, Art Center was the pinnacle of cool, of talent, of…

  • Upcoming Documentaries

    Despite being excited about Speed Racer, I find myself unimpressed by the vast majority of the movies that come out. Two documentaries that are on tap look really great though. The first is American Teen (via Slashfilm, and again): The second is Surfwise (via Slashfilm):

  • Three by Missing Persons

    Missing Persons is not a band I ever got way into, but I remember liking their music. My uncle had Spring Session M and we listened to that record on his stereo when we went to Lake Dolores (a long defunct waterpark halfway to Las Vegas). Keep in mind I was 10 years old in…