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  • Clay Shirky at 2.0 Conference

    I didn’t go to the Web 2.0 Expo last week, but I did read Sassy’s concise wrap up. Some video from the conference is out there, here’s social software thinker Clay Shirky: Here’s Clay’s writeup.

  • Poor Communications Skills

    …about coffee. via vintage ads

  • Like Lee Perry, I’m Very On

    “First, he balances drum and bass, to get a basic rhythm” Ah yes indeed it’s fun times. Video link via Positive Ape Express. Hah! Wikipedia claims Lee Perry‘s birthday is March 20th, like me!!! I didn’t know that. If I did, I certainly forgot it. I’ll have to add that to my already proud list…

  • JavaScript Geekery: John Resig

    If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’ll mention it now, I have done some with with jQuery. It’s impressive stuff. I quite enjoyed watching this talk by jQuery creator John Resig: JavaScript Talk at Northeastern. Perhaps you will too.

  • Obama is still ahead

    I have never donated money to a political campaign in my life, but last month I donated fifteen bucks to Obama. Next time we’re a bit flush I’m going to do it again. It’s time for someone with a different emphasis; it’s time to not elect someone because a family member of theirs has been…

  • Rock, Zevon, Swimming, Moving

    Some Zevon this morning, from a live recording on the Internet Archive that’s pretty good, which I found via UBM: I can saw a woman in two But you won’t want to look in the box when I’m through I can make love disappear For my next trick I’ll need a volunteer And more Zevon:…

  • “Don’t Just Watch Television Tonight, Play It!”

    An old TV commercial for Atari featuring Carol Channing and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Those graphics were once amazing.

  • “Stop Bending the Shafts!!!”

    Tom Hanks and David Letterman.

  • The Mind of the Market

    Fascinating video about market, social, evolutionary, genetic economics. Heck, it’s about everything. Talk at Google: via Paul Kedrosky: Michael Shermer on the Mind of the Market

  • Kate Nash on Jools Holland

    The other day I got a comment from Ellen mentioning Jools Holland, who I have indeed heard of, and here’s Kate Nash again, singing Foundations from Jools’ show. If I haven’t warned you before, I’ll warn you now, Kate uses salty language.

  • Video Killed The Radio Star

    Something I missed not being in San Diego. Excellent, inspiring, beautiful cover of the one-hit-wonder. The date on the YouTube video is 2006. The band “The Wrong Trousers” is active on their myspace: via Waxy, where many good things come from

  • Happy Holidays!

    I like how this animation screwed with my expectations. Supernifty!

  • William Gibson, Gravy, and a Video

    William Gibson: The Rolling Stone 40th Anniversary Interview : Rolling Stone I find myself less pessimistic than I sometimes imagine I should be. When I started to write science fiction, the intelligent and informed position on humanity’s future was that it wasn’t going to have one at all. We’ve forgotten that a whole lot of…

  • Required Viewing for the Music Business

    via Mark Evanier, Flo and Eddie, aka The Turtles, explain their storied relationships with lawsuits and bad managers: The music business is a cesspool, always has been. Sad.

  • Zappa on Miami Vice

    I’ve known for years that (my hero) Frank Zappa had appeared on 1980s tv show Miami Vice. Until this morning, I had never seen anything from that show. Thanks to YouTube, I can enjoy it in all it’s (terrible) glory: