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  • Cloud computing described by Larry Ellison
    Apparently this “cloud” thing is made of computers, it’s not just water vapor. Funny video featuring Larry Ellison. via Daring Fireball
  • Charming 1956 Disneyland Home Movie
    And it turns out there’s an instant of young Steve Martin in the film. Also watch or download it at Found via the always wonderful
  • Predicting the meltdown
    Peter Schiff ends up prophetic, while everyone on the shows in this video treats him as a Cassandra. via Open Culture and Paul Kedrosky.
  • Senator Biden is now my Homeboy.
    via the inestimable tony pierce
  • Walt Disney; What’s My Line
    Love this episode of What’s My Line: Our houseguests and Leah and I went to Disneyland several weeks ago on the dime of one of Leah’s blogger things, and I was impressed. I was not feeling that great, but I was stunned by how well the fun machine of Disney’s making works.
  • Penetrators: Shopping Bag
    Another piece of culture I’d never seen, via PCL Linkdump. I had heard of the band Penetrators but I’d never heard anything by them that I was aware of. The video is nearly perfect in its chaotic silliness. The song has a perfect hook too.
  • Web Anthropology, particularly YouTube
    Anthropologist Dr. Michael Wesch talks about Digital Ethnography. He puts YouTube in perspective and reminds me I love it despite the fact that one needs a tool like Comment Snob sometimes to appreciate it.