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  • “This is free genius tv advice.”
    David Letterman comments on TV shenanigans:
  • why the lucky stiff appears to be a person. ART && CODE Symposium: Hackety Hack, why the lucky stiff from STUDIO for Creative Inquiry on Vimeo. why the lucky stiff (or _why) is a computer programmer. His best known work may be Why’s (poignant) Guide to Ruby, a book which teaches the Ruby programming language with stories; its eclectic style has been…
  • Badly Drawn Roy
    I enjoyed this: via Cartoon Brew
  • Revealed: God, Pop Songs
    White Man by The Michael Gungor Band via alliefab Four Chords by Axis of Awesome [note: some salty language] via kill ugly radio
  • Zappa in Rehearsal, 1973
    Wonderful footage, beautiful sound: 1973-06-26 Sydney Frank Zappa, Rehearsel (sic):
  • “Them Bats is Smart, They Use Radar”
    So I bought a video encoder, pretty nice one, and this is my first capture. I need to tweak settings, and it would probably help if everything I wanted to capture was not 19 year old videotapes that have been stored in garages with poor climate control. Hah! Enjoy.
  • Lots of Videos
    I hate it when people just post videos. I never have time to watch them all, since I’m looking at my own videos that compel me. So here are the videos that have compelled me lately. Just one on the main page, more after the jump. Ben Folds – Kate in Nashville (and more from…
  • Rollerskating Ninjas
    Perfect. via Japan Probe.