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  • San Diego Weather

    I originally drafted this on June 10, 2019. My earliest memories of San Diego weather are this weather. Driving from Los Angeles in the back of my parents VW late at night. CBS Mystery Theater on the radio. I wake up on the couch at my grandparents THIS is that weather. Dew on the lawn…

  • Chicago Airport Moment

    The shuttle bus from Concourse C is filmed over with layers of salt and ice. The salt and ice remind me how cold it is, how cold it always is, how cold it will remain. My Mr. Rogers cardigan is slim protection from the frostbite I’d endure were I to be caught outside for longer…

  • Snowed yesterday

    A lot. It caused the event I was going to go to: NC jQuery Camp, to get postponed till later in February. I’m still looking forward to a North Carolina adventure in coding. So we were snowed in Saturday, except for some preliminary snow shoveling I did. Today, Sunday started at 5am and I went…

  • Downed big rig (from December 2009)

    Back in December there was some pretty impressive weather around here. I had never seen a big rig truck downed by weather before. The traffic after it was scary. We’re glad we weren’t out in the weather when the snow came down so hard.

  • Yes, I did shovel snow.

    The visual proof:

  • On My Mind Now

    If I were to try to try and describe the contents of my brain, I think the simile I’d use would be that it’s like the tornado in The Wizard of Oz, with a swirling mass of items rotating around in it — a messy mass. But that tornado does move the plot along rather…

  • Rain, can’t drive in.

    So the lore in Los Angeles is that people in Los Angeles can’t drive in the rain. It feels so true, everyone says it. Even I say it, and I have lived in enough places to know that things are the same all over. Anyway, one of my favorite blogs, Militant Angeleno did some research…

  • Lessons About San Diego Transit

    When it rains, more people seem to be on the bus. The buses I took to and from work today were packed. People who have to transfer rely on the timing of the buses, and as transit is different in the rain, people miss their connections, and get surly, and are on buses they did…

  • There Is A New Header

    It’s my reply to those on the west coast who complain about the California “lack of seasons” — bah — snow is highly overrated. See also my post on being waylaid by weather.

  • Pittsburgh Adventures (written in the Pittsburgh AirPort, from December 5th)

    So as I write this, the flight crew for my flight back to San Diego is circling the Pittsburgh Airport. So we’re delayed as my ready-to-go plane awaits a pilot. Yesterday was harrowing. The snow came down in buckets starting at about 12 noon Eastern time in Roanoke. My flight out was scheduled for 6:30pm….