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  • New Theory of Technology Work
    Quoting myself from an email to a colleague: Why I stayed so long at *****, where the primary thing I was working on was traditional ASP, I have no idea. I’m coming to think if a job isn’t making you smarter, it’s making you dumber. And *** man, every line of VBScript I code makes…
  • Browser Wars II
    I so wanted to go to this – folks from Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Opera PLUS my JavaScript hero Douglas Crockford getting together to talk browsers: YUI Theater — “Browser Wars Episode II: Attack of the DOMs” [Yahoo! User Interface Blog] I will be watching this. Hi, I’m Joe, and I’m a browser nerd.  Hi…
  • Destructured Assignment in Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript
    Stupid code tricks in Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript
  • Loading TinyMCE on the fly
    Let’s say you have a textarea that is called into a page dynamically, say with an AJAX loaded chunk of HTML with a textarea in it. If you want that textarea to have TinyMCE applied to it, you need to call a script. This was a fun one to think through and debug, and it…
  • Trailing commas in an array OK in PHP
    I was editing some code today and saw what looked like an error to me, but nothing was broken on the code I was looking at it, so I was prompted to look it up. And indeed, in PHP: “Having a trailing comma after the last defined array entry, while unusual, is a valid syntax.”…
  • Display a Brace in Smarty Code
    The “literal” tag should do it: {literal} {works} {/literal} Smarty info. (By the way, yes, the blog is still screwed up. I’m busy. Gimme a break. I was up till one last night working on it and no joy. Yuck. This is what I get for a rushed upgrade.)
  • Bitmasks
    I’m doing work with bitmasks these days, working on system maintenance on a web application I had nothing to do with building. One of the things it does is use Bitmasks to keep track of some customer data states. I’m not sure I like it, but I can’t deny that it’s a way to preserve…
  • “Click to activate and use this control”
    Yuck. This is the latest in a series of failures in the last 24 hours. Eolas and Microsoft are cheesing me off this afternoon.
  • JavaScript trim() function
    it’s hokey, but it’s a nice basis for some other things. why didn’t i go looking for this last night when i was slamming my head against stupid code? ugh. function trim(str) { while(”+str.charAt(0)==’ ‘) { str=str.substring(1,str.length); } while(”+str.charAt(str.length-1)==’ ‘) { str=str.substring(0,str.length-1); } return str; }
  • Best Web Code Comment Ever
    This applies to HTML, JavaScript, and CSS equally well. Concerned about someone being able to see your code? Get over it. Minification v Obfuscation » Yahoo! User Interface Blog Then finally, there is that question of code privacy. This is a lost cause. There is no transformation that will keep a determined hacker from understanding…
  • Heartbreaking Retrospect
    How refreshing it is to read about mistakes made in designing web applications! In Getting it Right, Ari Paparo waxes on why had success with giving users functionality, while his company blink, did not. Great one for the web geeks in my audience.
  • phpMyAdmin working on OS X
    This horrible error message on phpMyAdmin: Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client On my local MySQL installation. I am running PHP 4 and MySQL 4.1 and phpMyAdmin on Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” worked like a charm, despite the fact that I’m not using 10.4, I’m running 10.3.9….
  • Yahoo! Acquires Delicious
    Please, please, please, PLEASE don’t screw it up
  • Upgrade to
    New item: Make a larger checkbox using CSS. Silly and small, but the Lab has undergone a new reorganization. The thing missing right now is cross-references and a means to “see other CSS tips” or “see other validation tips.” It’s on my to-do list.

  • Go Read Brian Dear
    This wonderful set of posts deflates “Web 2.0 Hype™”, reinforces the awesomeness of those folks (like EVDB) who are working to remake the web to actually *use* these wonderful syndication tools and browser technologies to the fullest extent: Part I, Part II. _Backstory:_ I’ve actually met both Andy Baio (briefly) and Brian Dear (less briefly,…
    Cleaning out the hard drive, from March, 2000: *EMPLOYEE PROPRIETARY INFORMATION AND INVENTIONS AGREEMENT *, Inc. 3990 Ruffin Road San Diego, CA 92123 The following confirms an agreement between, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”) and *Name (referred to in this agreement as “I” or “me”). I understand that this agreement is a…

  • Oh, the weekend you say?
    I look like a goofball in this picture. Nonetheless, a grand time was had by all at San Diego’s famous Turf Supper Club last Friday on our little trip to San Diego. It only took us a few hours to get there from our Simi Valley home. We took the new van, which runs good….