welcome! i'm joe and i am a software engineer and lately i make comics.

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  • From Kanab
    Where they have no free wireless and won’t let me plug in my laptop… “viruses” is the reason. Please Kanab City Library, learn from San Diego and get some free wireless! Ho hum. That’s some sad. Regardless, work must be done, offline. I’ll be uploading later. Some milestones: In 2006 this blog will turn 5…
  • Spoils of Google Talk: Cantenna Illustration
    One of my pals, Binary Wolf, and I, spoke for more than an hour (was it two?) yesterday — about all topics. Quite a wonderful conversation between two cable-modem havin’ guys. Turns out he was looking for a logo, and right there on the audio call, I whipped up an illustration that now graces his…