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  • Suspicious Activity: “An admin user with the username backup was created outside of WordPress”
    On 14 February 2018, WordFence alerted me to highly suspicious behavior. This is the format of the email I received from WordFence version 4.9.3: This email was sent from your website “[REDACTED BLOG NAME]” by the Wordfence plugin. Wordfence found the following new issues on “[REDACTED BLOG NAME]”. Alert generated at Wednesday 14th of February…
  • WordFence is vital for self-hosted WordPress instances.
    I’ve been hosting WordPress websites for a long time. This blog I migrated to WordPress in 2004. I had experience with it running San Diego Blog which started on B2 and I converted to WordPress in Summer 2004. So I’ve been hosting WordPress a long time. There’s a reason the software is popular. It’s free,…